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In the simplest of terms, affirmations are simple statements that are used by people to bring about a change in their life. They are designed in a manner that the person can use them as simple reminders and most of the affirmations serve as an inspiration towards all the desired goals a person has in his or her life.

Usually, affirmations help in reprogramming the subconscious mind and this becomes more effective when they are practiced daily, preferably just after waking up and before you go to sleep.

The positive nature of affirmations encourages us to believe in those words and slowly and steadily they bring about the change they were made for, in the first place. I have been personally using affirmations for a long time and truth be told, a lot of the positive changes I see in my life are because of those affirmations. They make me want to believe that all is possible and all of my dreams are within my grasp.

Why to use health affirmations?

Our health is our greatest wealth. And if by using health affirmations, we are able to reach our health goals, why shall we not use them.

In fact, because of the coronavirus crisis, we all need to take extra care of our health. Of course, taking all the necessary precautions, and strengthening our immune system, are the topmost priorities in the current situation, but if we can take the help of a few words that can make us believe that we are strong and that our bodies are healthy, we can fight the biggest health battle with our minds as well. As George Harrison had once said,

   It’s all in the mind.



So, why not take the help of our minds in this fight and do whatever we can to win.

Image Source: Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash

We have compiled a list of 10 super easy and highly effective health affirmations that you can use daily to feel healthier in life.

Health affirmations

This is one of the simplest health affirmations out there and when you say this to yourself, you instantly feel what is written here. Try it out and you will know what we mean.


Having a holistic approach to your health can make you feel healthy in body, mind, and soul.

This is something you genuinely want to do and basically you don’t have any other option but to love and take care of your body. So, why not do it with a great spirit!

This is particularly true for all those people who have an active lifestyle. When they are healthy, they tend to feel the most productive and have more determination to do everything that is important to them.

When you say this to yourself, you give yourself the gift of a peaceful mind and soul. And there is nothing much that we can say here or rather would not want to say much, and would only urge you to feel what it feels when you say these words meaningfully and see the impact.

Many people tend to think that because they made some unhealthy choices in the past, they cannot get healthy easily. But this is not at all true! Once you make a decision that you deserve to live a healthy life, you will be surprised at the sudden changes that happen in your daily life just because of a strong decision.

This is exactly what we all need at this time. Even if your immune system is not as strong as you want it to be, believe that it is and go do everything that you need to, to make that happen.

When you are healthy, there is some other level of confidence in your personality and who wouldn’t want that, right!?

You must have heard people saying, “take a deep breath,” to someone who is under some kind of stress. Well, this actually works especially if you feel and believe that with each deep breath, you are inhaling peace and exhaling stress. And these deep breaths, then make you super healthy.

The fact that you are alive is enough to make you believe that you are meant to stay here and live life. If you start feeling grateful to be truly alive, you will get more reasons to feel alive. That is the power of gratitude and affirmations also in this case.

We hope you liked some of these health affirmations and would use a few, if not all. Whatever you decide to do with these, all we would like to say is that in these times, we only want you to be safe and healthy. Please take good care of your health and help save our world.

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