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Campbell Russell was just 9-years-old, when one day he came to his mom asking whether he could buy gifts for sick children. He wanted to buy Christmas gifts for all the kids at a hospital. His mother, Sonya Whittaker, though really touched by the feeling that her son had for sick kids, had to say no to his request because the household already had 9 kids and they couldn’t afford to buy so many presents.

What happened next was as unexpected and beautiful as God’s plans are sometimes. The kid living in Hobart in Tasmania didn’t lose his spirits on being told that the family couldn’t buy toys for kids. He, in fact decided that he himself would make toys for them.

He made a few toys in some days and then went to his mother to discuss a pattern to make a teddy bear, but nobody could understand it as such, so he went to his bedroom. But, he didn’t sleep, he tried to prefect the design, and after trying for several hours, he started making another one and this time he GOT IT!

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He went to his mom with a perfect teddy bear in his hand. He made his first teddy bear in 5 hours. And since then, he has taught himself how to sew and now, makes a teddy bear in just an hour. He has made a mission sorts for himself to make a toy a day, and he has taken an initiative by the name of ‘Project 365’, in which he will make 365 toys a year for sick children.

Every Thursday, he goes to the Royal Hobart Hospital with his new toys and gives them to the children being treated there. He also sends some toys to the parents of kids who are suffering from serious illnesses. In fact, he even sends them overseas so that people get relief by his soft toys. He had sent some of his toys to Paris and Brussels after the terrorist attacks.

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In the past three years, Campbell has made more than 800 teddy bears. He works from his bedroom, which is now basically, a sewing room and mostly he uses his own money to buy the stuff needed to make the toys. But, with word spreading through social media about his Project 365, donations have started coming in.

It really is unbelievable that a 12-year-old kid can be so compassionate, that he doesn’t even like his Xbox over his sewing machine, which was originally his mom’s. His mother says that if he has to sit on the machine even for 24 hours a day, he would.

He says that through his toys, he wants people to look at the positive side of life rather than the negative side. His words and his eyes are so full of love and compassion for sick children that you will be amazed by looking at him in the video we have for you at the end of this article.

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Campbell’s dad, Nathan was diagnosed with cancer five years ago and there was a tumor in his head the size of a tennis ball. The tumor was removed, but the recurring rate was very high. Campbell knew about this, and he believed that cancer would get worse with stress, so he made a teddy bear for his father so that it could comfort him. And how amazingly it did! Nathan himself said that the teddy helped him ward off cancer. The proud father says, ‘There’s a little bit of magic in them.’

‘A lot of magic in Campbell though.’

Cambell’s heart touching story was covered by SBS’s The Feed, and you yourself can see how angelic this kid is. If only, everybody in this world had such beautiful souls!

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