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Being in love makes our world go crazy with all the feelings that keep coming out of our heart and even hormones. And in this roller coaster ride of emotions, the one time that we all are most excited and nervous about is when we have to confess our love to that special someone. Whether it is for the first time or whether you have been with your partner for a long time, expressing your love is one of the most special things about any relationship. And the most needed thing to do as well.

With these thoughts in mind, I went on to ask a question to a few Facebook groups which are there to help like-minded positive humans connect with one another. The question that I put up there was- “How can we say “I Love You”, without using these three words?? And, oh boy, the kind of response I got from people from all corners of the world just made me feel I need to be in love ASAP. Now interestingly, there was a catch in this situation and my query.

Not realizing what people might feel about my question, I mistakenly did not mention that the query was put up because I wanted to know the various ways of saying “I Love You”, as I had decided to make a list of the various ways to express love on this blog. And almost everybody thought that this question was for a personal reason. Nevertheless, this mistake made me realize the beauty of people that live in our world. So many of the members came out to give me new ways of confessing love to my beloved and many of them even told about their own experiences. Here, I have compiled the list of the best 50 ways of saying “I Love You” to your partner albeit without actually uttering those words. Check these out to feel a little inspired to tell your partner how much you love them, without even saying ‘I Love You”:

1.  “The atrium of my heart glows dearie, without you near me, my life is dreary”- R T Velu

2. How about “I trust you”, this is the basic of every love- Para Iso

3. This was one of those messages asking me to directly do this thing…

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– Afshan Jamali

4. Through actions we can truly express love to others much more effectively- Shorty Thompson

5. A hug and a smile- Rick Kivela

6.  I can’t live without you- Shashi Sharmila

7. You are my life – Ellicec Mine

8. You hold a special place in my heart- John Gatheru Glita

9. My kids taught me this, I thought it was sweet! “831”, 8 letters, 3 words and 1 meaning- Kathy Anagnostou

10. By our actions for sure- Christine Holliday

11. “I got you tacos.”- Greg Cornejo

12. You hold my heart- Deva Baker

13. Your bring stars into my soul- Diane Hill-Groestsch

14. I thought about this, the times that I felt the most loved by him. Not a word came out his mouth. It was the look he gave me, the way he holds my face. Rubs my hair. Singing in the car together. The night we danced in the rain. I am loved- Victoria Lynch

15. Good morning/night, how are you?, you look nice/beautiful, put your seatbelt on, etc- Christopher Houck

16. My favorite one… 

– Sah Ak

17. Action, without expecting anything in return- Brian King

18. Gestures of compassion and expressions of emotions, sincerity and warmth to your partner or companion- Mahal Kita

19. You matter to me- Shannon Marie Osborn

20. I’m always there for you- Gabriel San

21. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me- Nathan Coughran

22. “I’ll clean up the kitchen…”- Jim Maloney

23. Thou art enamored by yours truly- Marvin Charles

24. I’m yours for eternity- Kayleigh Wanless

25. To the moon and beyond- Peggy Warren Moore

26.  You are forever in my heart- Franz Muller

27. Use actions instead of words!!! And you can check up on them, even if it’s just to say hi. Tell them to drive safe, buckle up, call me when u get home, etc…do things to show them that you care about them!!- Lisa Lange

28. You are my everything- Homer Richcreek

29. Just by listening, offering advice, speaking the truth, giving hugs, smiles, affection, and taking care of ourselves and others when we can- Jeremy Sutor

30. Making a special dinner for him; his favorite meal. Or how about doing yard work together- Snookie Lanze

31. You are my beloved!- Anna Swamy

32. I’ve always done this thing with my wife and kids where I lightly squeeze their hand 3 times. It sort of just started happening subconsciously one day years ago and now we all do it frequently like when i’m holding my kids’ hands in the store or cuddling with my wife watching a movie, etc- Adinanda Antara

33. This one always works.. doesn’t it?

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-Loretta McLaughlin

34. You are my world- Hina Zuberi

35. Your coffee is ready love- El Laine

36. A hug. A kiss. “I am grateful for you”. “I appreciate you and all you do.” “You mean the world to me” Etc, Etc. No “I love you” means as much as showing a person, through the way you treat them, how much you love them- Amanda Cooper

37. Anytime you need me, I’ll always be here-Alijah Fletcher

38. You are the apple of my eye- Marni Ann Dornfeld

39. I see the God in you- Allan Mainous

40. Because of you, I believe in love again- Sum Kadmet

41. You are the person I’ve been waiting for all my life- Ben Wilson

42. You are my life- Thelma Badinas Alano

43. Words are the lowest form of communication, accepting all people exactly as they are, would be the greatest expression of Love- Jeff Rounds

44. The purest and the most special way indeed…

Ways to say I Love You
Image Used In The Poster: Sourced From Pixabay

SOLOMAE- Meaning I love and honor your spirit, soul, and being as my own- Roger Coble

45. Its in the eyes…its in the energy they bring that harmonizes with yours- Melissa Morgan Topham

46. Body language and showing love thrrough presence- Rolf Gundersen Janzon

47. By remembering, what were, still is and will be, before words- Bjorn Holmstrom

48. By doing this: Giving attention, and time for her /him- Amber Kidman

49. That feeling is expressed via our eyes without us even trying or realizing- Chris Rex

50. And even if after all these ways, some of you feel that you may not always need to express your love, then let me share this video with you guys, which totally conveys why we all need to show our love to our beloved, especially if it is a woman you are trying to confess to. 

This video link was also given to me by one of the friends who commented on my question, and his name is Leonaro Palas Y Picos.

I am sure, by now you must have found your go-to way which you might use to confess your love, and if you have some other special ways to express love, please tell us in the comments section below and help spread the message of love. ALOHA. 🙂

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