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Methocarbamol canada Aamir Khan has changed his physique a lot for many movies during his entire career. But, the Perfectionist in him just crossed all his earlier records for the film Dangal, for which he himself admits that he went through the most drastic body transformation. Aamir Khan plays the role of Mahavir Phogat in the film. Dangal portrays the journey of Mahavir Phogat, from the time when he was young and fit, to the time when he trains his daughter in wrestling.

ordering cytotec online To play the part of the older Phogat, Aamir had to gain weight. The requirement was such that his body should have 38% body fat. Now, the Director of the movie, Nitesh Tiwari had planned on shooting for the younger portion earlier, but Aamir suggested that they shoot for the older part first. His reason for doing so was just amazing. He wanted that he should have a some solid reason to lose that much weight, and he also did not want to promote the film in his paunchy avtar.

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see url The journey of gaining weight for Aamir was a fun time for him, because he could eat anything he wanted. One of the cutest aspects of gaining weight was that even his son, Azad loved to cuddle and hug him more when he had all that body weight. But, gaining so much weight is never healthy and this had its negative consequences as well. Aamir Khan admits that with all that body weight, his life changed; his wrestling training suffered, he started facing breathing problems and there was also change in his body language. But, because Aamir Khan is so passionate for his work, he chose to go this way, rather than to just wear a bodysuit. According to him, the actor in him could not get satisfaction if he wore a bodysuit to look fat, because his mannerisms could not be matched. So, here was Mr. Aamir Perfectionist Khan, who would go to any lengths to do full justice to the movie.

When the shooting for this heavy portion ended, which was about 80% of the movie, the biggest struggle came in front of Aamir Khan. He had to lose around 28 kgs and that too very fast, as the remaining film had to be shot. Aamir had to bring down his body fat from 38% to 9%, and that was not going to be an easy task.

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The difficulty level of this weight loss journey was so great that even a man with such great dedication as Aamir Khan had doubts whether he would be able to do it or not. But, Aamir Khan took things one day at a time. He said,

“If you have an ultimate goal in mind, make sure you don’t look up to see it. If you look at Mt Everest and think about where you have to reach, you’ll simply give up, you’ll get depressed. But if you look down and just focus on every step, and push yourself to take just the next step, you’ll reach your goal eventually.”

Going forward with this attitude, he started his body transformation and the results started to show in 3 months. He was on a special calorie-deficit diet and his workouts were specially supervised by the best of trainers, with whom he did everything possible to achieve his goal.

By the end of five months, he had reached his goal. But, one thing to be noted here is that, going for such drastic body transformation which required him to first gain so much of weight and then lose those extra pounds so soon, is not a healthy thing. Even his doctors have advised him to never do such a thing in future. But, then again it is Aamir Khan, the man who would anything to justify his role.

The video showcasing his amazing body transformation has been creating waves on the internet, because what Aamir has done, seems simply impossible at times. Though, we would love that you take inspiration from the amount of dedication this superstar has for his work, we would suggest that you do not try any thing of this sorts without professional and expert consultation. Apart from that, just watch the following video and be ready to see how impossible is made POSSIBLE!

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