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The only brown panda of the world, named Qizai, is currently enjoying the status of being a star animal, but his early life was far from being as perfect as it is today. He was found as a two-month-old cub in a natural reserve of the Qinling Mountains, Central China, in a very weak and lonely condition as his mother had disappeared into the jungle, leaving him behind. His mother was a black-and-white panda, and this makes Qizai’s case all the more intriguing because he has light brown fur. From being rescued at that age, he has had quote a journey till now.

World's only brown panda

After being rescued by the researchers, he was taken to the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue, Breeding and Research Centre. Here, he was given proper medical treatment and was fed on the panda milk collected from other pandas by the staff members. Researchers have always been intrigued by his brown fur, which they believe is a result of some genetic mutation. Two years ago, he was brought to the Foping Panda Valley in the Shaanxi province.

As a cub, his problems just didn’t end at being abandoned by his mother. In fact, because of his difference; he was also bullied by the other pandas, who used to steal his food. But after becoming an adult, he is being raised in a separate enclosure. A 26-year-old man, named He Xin takes care of Qizai in the Foping Panda Valley. The soft-spoken young man told MailOnline, ‘He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter.’ He also said that Qizai is a gentle, funny and an adorable animal.

The brown panda's care-taker

Mr. He wakes up at 6 am in the morning and feeds Qizai and only sleep after midnight, after ensuring that the adorable brown panda is sleeping peacefully. Talking in detail about how slow Qizai usually is, the keeper says that when he calls out the names of other black-and-white pandas, they react and come to him quite quickly, but the brown panda takes some time to realize that he is being called, and only reacts later. In fact, he even eats slowly and possibly this was reason that other pandas took away his food.


The hard days for Qizai are now over, because he is being kept under the watchful and devoted care of He Xin, who feeds him four to five times in a day, and usually his meals include bamboo, milk and Chinese four buns. Currently, the super star brown panda weighs around 220 pounds and eats almost 44 pounds of bamboo each day. He has now grown up to be a healthy panda and now the Chinese experts are planning to arrange mating for him, according to The experts are hoping that when his child comes, they will be able to observe and study him and find the reason behind Qizai’s brown fur. The keeper is not aware of the details of this plan, but he suspects that it could happen any time next year, because that is when Qizai would complete 7 years, and usually mating is arranged when pandas reach seven years of age.


The only brown panda of the world is now a celebrity in the animal world because of his color. Once, his color made him suffer so much, but now, the story has turned upside down, and Qizai is being taken care of properly. Even after having such a rough childhood, Qizai has really grown up to be a fine specimen and this is also the reason for his popularity and the love that he receives.

Isn’t he one of the cutest pandas you have ever seen? So unique and so adorable in his ways of life! We really hope he gets a mate soon, and the world gets some more of such cuties.

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