During our childhood, almost every one of us was in a hurry to grow up and feel what happiness would mean as an adult. But, when reality struck, again almost every one of us found that, that ‘happiness bubble’ was indeed just a bubble. No matter how hard we all try to be happy, we lose a lot of things while living life and one of those things is our SMILE.

At Smile To Shine.com, we emphasize that we should all keep smiling, no matter what challenges life throws at us. And so, here we cater our content so that you bring out the best curve of your body in its full glory. We love to spread happiness and tell the world that there are things, stories, people and emotions that make us smile like sunshine. Hope you all like what we are doing, because we are basically trying to make you happy by bringing a platter full of stories of people, inspirational and motivational tips, ways through which you stay fit and healthy and we would also like to present to you some nuggets of wisdom and happiness through our blogs. We would also like to hear from you and if you think you have a story that would make people smile, do get in touch with us at info@smiletoshine.com and help spread happiness to people. Let’s do this in the spirit of humanity.