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When people go out of their house, locking their pets in there , they mostly want that things in their house remain just as they leave them. But, seldom does it happen and the house owners find something or the other quite messed up. In such cases, the golden moments come, when the house owners literally catch their beloved pets in the act of their mischief.

The pets give such amazing reactions after they get caught, that you will find them cute, stupid, lovable, irritable; all at the same time. Take a look at some pictures, which were captured by the pet owners, when they caught their pets red-handed:

1. Uh Ohh!


The dog had very nicely entered into the refrigerator, and was about to have the feast of his life, but his human came and destroyed the fun for him! Now, the poor dog is afraid that he might even get punished.

What the pet might be thinking?

If he had been late for even 5 minutes, I would have been outta here. Why was there no traffic today?!

2. Do not bully!


The pets of this house might have been asked to follow a rule- “Do Not Bully.” But, rules are thrown out of the window, once the governing authority goes away, and the same kind of a thing was happening here, but the owner came. The dog is now guilty, and the cat is relieved!

What the pets might be thinking?

Cat- Thank God, you are here, he almost killed me!

Dog- Oh no, I am dead now!

3. Furry fun!


He seems to have had so much fun in tearing down the pillows that he can’t even show the shock properly.

What the pet might be thinking?

Okay fine, you’re here, but I am not moving from here, its too comfortable!

4. Paper Bites!


The bits of paper are on the floor because the dog bit the papers into pieces!

What the pet might be thinking?

See, i made them small, just like the spots on my body.

5. Bag addict!


His guilty eyes are way too classy to be calling him just guilty, it seems like his owner’s obsession for bags rubbed onto him and now that he has been caught, he can’t decide what to do!

What the pet might be thinking?

I was just checking whether it is hanging properly or not!

6. Frozen!


The owner did come quite on time, his frozen food got saved, but he froze his cat in shock!

What the pet might be thinking?

It matches with my fur, I was just complimenting its texture.

7. Lucky Fish!


Here, being on time saved the fish or the cat was all ready to have a seafood dinner.

What the pet might be thinking?

I was just checking the temperature of the water!

8. Spotted!


This one is the most hilarious. Don’t you just love the expressions on his face? Rofl.. I can’t stop laughing now!

What the pet might be thinking?

What are you pointed at?… Oh no, did he spot those? Umm, I am guilty, but I didn’t do it!!

9. Softy feels!


He just found the perfect place to sleep, hide, stay and live!

What the pet might be thinking?

The extra cotton in there was not right, I fit better in here!

10. Hiding place!


This owner was confused as to how was his couch getting in such a shape day-by-day. Now he knows why!

What the pet might be thinking?

Oh no, they found my hiding spot!

Pets are just too much fun, and though they ruin things at our homes, but their cuteness surpasses everything and they forgiven, and always loved!

I really enjoyed compiling this list a lot, I hope you too enjoyed watching it.

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