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To merge technology and the most important qualities of the human spirit (that of being kind and compassionate towards others) is something that this Pandemic has shown us, even though we may all agree in unison that these indeed are the toughest times, we have seen together as a human race on this level, in decades. To cut short the long introductory words about this amazing innovation, we would like to share with you all. the details of an App, that is doing exactly what we mentioned above.

The need to help others during these times led four friends living in Bangalore to come up with a mobile application that has been helping bridge the gap between those who need help and those who can provide help.

The Help4All App…

Help4All is a location-based app, that puts the location of people in need of help on Google Maps as pointers, from where they can be reached. One can register themselves on the app either as a User (who needs help), as a service provider, and as Government officials. If you want to see what all is happening through the app, you can also register for tracking purposes.

As the name suggests Help4All, wants to help all, and for that purpose, it is available to be run in 7 languages- Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and Telegu.

the Help4All app

Motivation behind building the App…

The need for building this app was felt when four friends- Mr. SK Singh, Mr. Anshul Chaurasia, Mr. Sagar Chowdhary, and Mr. Jainul Abdeen realized that people were coming up with apps or programs to find corona patients, but no one was thinking about the people who might have been facing various issues because they were being affected by a pandemic that has crippled everything in this World.

The Founder and CEO, Mr.SK Singh told us that one of the things that struck him most was the thought that when thousands of daily-wage earners had lost their jobs and even the savings were dwindling, in such cases, many were left in situations in which neither could they earn food for themselves and their families, nor could they beg. “That is when we decided to come up with this app to help such people face these tough times,” he said.

The team had started to work on the app on April 13, and within a fortnight, it was ready and was sent to Google Playstore to be published. The app was finally live on May 2 and since then the Help4All app has helped hundreds and thousands of people in many states of the country.



What help can one get through Help4All?

The needy can get free food, groceries, medicines, sanitary pads, and masks and sanitizers. There are also options for free stay camps and medical treatment if anyone needs those. Apart from all these, the Help4All team also strives to help with other important things that a genuine person in need contacts them with. The team runs checks on the genuinity of the situation, and only then they go ahead so that the right help can reach the right people through all the right means possible.

Mr. SK Singh, who is one of those inspiring people who came up with this idea along with his friends say that we get many calls for help during the day, and some of them are not for the things that we have mentioned in the App, such as a mobile phone for online classes of children, and we try to help them as well, as these times are very different, and even our approach is different here.

Special Feature of the Help4All App!

One thing that is of particular mention is the addition of SOS buttons on the App- for food and medical emergencies. With this feature, a person in an urgent need of food and medicines can press the SOS button, and their name and phone number will start to flash on the map, which can then be seen by the service providers or police and government officials, and help can reach that person on an emergency basis.

Mr. Singh conveyed it beautifully to us that currently, helping people is what is giving him and his team the most inner satisfaction as a human being. We had the privilege of talking to him about this spectacular drive to help the needy, and all we can say at the end is that not always do we find people, who come out to help others when everyone is just trying to save themselves and their loved ones from the clutches of a global pandemic. And when we do see such people, we can only be greatly inspired by their kind souls and strong spirits.

The team is now also working to make the app available on a global level, making it possible for people of other countries to use this service to help their respective citizens.

We request you all to help spread the word, by sharing this article and following the social media handles of the app, for it is doing a great job and the least we can do is help ‘Help4All’ reach the thousands of people of our country and the world. Together we all can win this battle if we stay connected to each other, this time through technology.

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