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“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Who else can relate to this quote? I can tell you that I certainly do, so much so that for me, this quote helps me summarise what the fall makes me feel. My fascination may stem from the fact that my birthday falls in the fall season, but to be frank with you all, I have other reasons as well. What I am about to share here may or may not speak to your soul, but if it does, trust me, I’ll be the happiest for all of this will come directly from my heart. Hope, you guys enjoy the following flow of words about nature…

The Wonder of Trees and their leaves…

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Surely, the colors of the leaves are one of the best things about autumn, but what makes me cherish these moments is how beautifully the trees show that the process of letting go is so beautiful. They have had their leaves so close to them, literally growing on them all summer and now when the time to part ways has come, the trees make their leaves so colorfully gorgeous that all of it becomes the most spectacular vision.

The scenario often feels like the trees are giving the leaves a farewell, a farewell so majestic that the face of Earth takes the most amazing colors to show how beautiful nature’s creation can be. There is something to learn from this spectacular show of colors- life is not always the same, but that doesn’t mean that the end of something has to be ugly. Nature shows that towards the end of their lives, those leaves become the most beautiful they ever have been or will be, almost becoming like flowers, and that is how we should be in life. Becoming or doing something with all our hearts, but not being so attached to it, that letting it go makes us want to not live anymore, rather we should make our lives shine with examples of how glorious change and transition can be if we take it all in our stride.

The Spectacular Sky

Image Source: Photo by Thomas Morse on Unsplash

These days I am amazed at how I get inspired every time I see the sky. Really, I just look outside, up above and all I can feel is how can anything beat the beauty of such a sky, which keeps changing its shades and hues, yet remains magnificent. The clear blue sky during the daytime, at times having the purest white clouds, then turning grey with clouds that are about to give us the splash, then turning orangish during the sunset hours and later becoming a dark blue wonder just before the night comes upon us, makes my soul smile. Becoming so much and in just a day! Doesn’t it make you feel that you too can do so much in just a day if you choose to do something with all your heart? Well, I certainly feel this way every time I sky the wonders of the sky.

Autumn- The Season of changes!

Image Source: Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

Autumn being the season of changes and transition helps us in assessing what all do we need to have in our lives, and what all needs to go so that we can live better. When the days get shorter, and the nights start to become longer, we may get time to see and feel what all may be going on in our minds and hearts. And there is something about the slight chill and the crispness of the air that naturally makes us want to look closely at our lives. During these times, reading to grow your mind or journaling can be very useful to find out more about yourself. Possibly this is the reason why this season is the favorite of introverts, but whether you are an introvert or not, you can certainly make use of this time to get things sorted before the chill of the winters makes you not want to think much. 😉

Being Present and Grateful

Image Source: Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Everything that makes autumn the best makes us want to actually stop in our tracks to witness the beauty and bounty of nature. Those colors of the trees will not be here for long, that kind of sky will not be above us always, at least not till the next fall, so, if we can take a few moments to enjoy it all and embrace the season with all its glory, we can actually learn how to live in the present, because the present of the fall is fabulous in all aspects and if there is any season that makes letting go this beautiful, it is only autumn.

Life keeps changing each second, and change is important, but so is appreciating the gift of the present moment and being grateful for everything around us, because, in the attitude of gratitude, we find the best of life by first appreciating what we have in our lives.

Featured Image Source: Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash

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