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We come across so many inspirational messages, quotes, incidents and people in our daily life. Some of those inspiring tales touch our hearts so deeply that we are never able to get that person, or those words, or that incident out of our minds and hearts. Today, we are going to show a small 17 second video that will remain in your heart for years to come, if not forever.

The video shows a little baby who is trying to eat on her own. Learning to eat on their own is one of the first achievements in a baby’s life and we all cherish these moments whenever we get to witness them. A Russian mother, named Elmira Knutzen recently shared a video of her daughter Vasilina and people are in love with the baby. Vasilina was born without arms, but that has not deterred her from learning to do things on her own. She has been taught to eat with silverware, but what is most surprising and inspirational here in the video is that she doesn’t quit, when she fails for the first time.

The baby has a fork gripped between her toes and she tries to eat what seems like a potato. She opens her mouth wide to eat, but is unable to do so for the first time. So, she tries to change the position of the fork, and after making her adjustments, she bends a little and is successfully able to eat to feed herself by her own toes.
The mother had no clue that her baby would soon be the most adorable source of inspiration on the internet. But, from the time that video was uploaded on Facebook, it has had more than 71M views and people have been showering love, prayers and best wishes on the little baby and her family.

At an age, when most toddlers would actually create a mess if given a bowl of food and a fork with that, Vasilina has learnt to feed herself perfectly. And her determination to not give up is something that we all should learn from this baby. We all keep cribbing about the little things that we don’t get in life, but look at this baby; she is the cutest epitome of dedication and determination. We love you baby Vasilina, may you keep inspiring people!

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