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Around the time of Thanksgiving, I had written a blog explaining how maintaining a gratitude journal can make us look at life with a new perspective. One of my readers, Lauri had commented on that blog and because of that specific comment, I got to a point where I thought that I would also write about self-rewarding mechanism and how it can help us in making new habits and achieve our goals. I had made a promise to Lauri, and so this blog post is dedicated to her. Thank you Lauri for giving me that idea.

First of all, lets see why we should start to self-reward ourselves with treats. As kids, we were always motivated to perform better if we knew that we would be getting something from our parents for a certain achievement. Same can be done in our adulthood, just that we would want to gift ourselves something. I have a good reason for this too. You know what your goals are, you know how much of hard work you are actually putting into everything, so who else can be a better judge to decide whether you deserve a gift or not; of course, it is you and it should be you only.

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Now coming to what can we treat ourselves with. Frankly, you can choose just about anything that you know makes you truly happy when you get it. Like for me, it is a nice cup of coffee in a cafe or green tea, or going to watch a movie, or shopping and the best one, a pizza. I seriously treat myself with any of these things whenever I feel I have worked hard to deserve them and this doubles my happiness, because one- I see myself improving and second- I get to live the gifts I have for myself. Trust me friends, there is no joy as pure as giving yourself the gift of happiness, because it not only makes you smile, but also makes you feel super-confident about identity as an individual.

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The whole point of self-rewarding revolves around the need to improve ourselves. We may be wanting to create some new good habits or may have a goal, but if we do not try to give ourselves some incentive, we may lose out on the motivation at one point or the other. So basically, by self-rewarding yourself, you will be motivating yourself to achieve whatever that you have set out to. But, we may want to keep some things in mind while adopting the self-rewarding system in our lives, or it may lose its purpose if we do not create a balance.

1. Reward Yourself For Actions

There may be times when you feel extremely happy about a certain idea which has just come into your mind. But, it is only an idea, and cannot deserve a treat. Only when you have implemented that idea to your satisfaction, should you think of rewarding yourself.

2. Quality should matter

There might be times when you may complete the task, but the quality of the finished product is not as good as it should have been. In that case, please do not reward yourself, even if you had set it as one of the things for which you would treat yourself. Now, you may ask, who is to judge it. I would say, you again. According to me, one knows about the quality of the work he has done, if he is true to his soul. For example, I write a lot of blog posts for my website and other websites as well, and I am not always fully satisfied by each and every blog post every time. There are times when I feel it is just okay, but there are also times when I say to myself, “now, this is what is good.” So, only reward yourself when you know you have done a good job.

3. Your Treats Should Vary

If you keep gifting yourself the same kind of things every now and then, chances are that you might get bored and the exclusivity of the self-rewarding system may get watered down. So, try and be varied in your gifts. It can range from going to a min-vacation for a bigger achievement to even praising yourself (obviously saying those words to yourself only, not blabbering out in the public) for the task done well.

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When we set out to do some tasks and achieve some goals, we face many hurdles down the road and we even fail at times, but through giving yourself the gift of happiness, you reinforce the importance of the goal and your individuality. Be your master and create the best version of yourself.

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