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Life in quarantine is such that everywhere we go (on social media and the Internet) and everyone we talk to has only one thing to say, and most of the discussions lead to fear and panic. The situation is such, we understand, but what also needs to be understood is that the more we get scared of it all, the more it increases.

Staying informed is good, but panicking is not! Taking all the necessary precautions is important, but fearing for life is not! Almost the entire world has come to a standstill and now most of us know what needs to be done to contain the problem, so I am not going to share any of that. Instead, what I want to share with you all are ways through which we can make the most of all the time that we now have when we in quarantine times!

Definitely, all this is new for so many people and they are clueless on most aspects of the ‘Staying at Home’ routine they are now in. But what if we suggest some ways through which you can make life better for yourself, not just during these times, but also beyond this crisis.

Forming habits and lifestyles seem tough on normal days to most people, but we can do all of that now. Without further ado, let me share some of those things which may help you stay sane during quarantine:

1. Being Grateful

We know, you may not feel gratitude at this moment, but please give life some credit when you are living it. Look around yourself, I am sure you will be able to find something you are grateful for. And when we tap into the energy of being grateful, we change our thoughts and beliefs about life and everything that is happening around us. I have been listing out things I am grateful for, for so many days, much before the authorities announced a lockdown. And those moments give me so much peace! I urge you all to do it, in any way you know best. But please, start practicing gratitude, it is a powerful thing and it will help you all your life.

2. Meditation and Mindfulness

Image Source: Image by Irina L from Pixabay

When the mind is in chaos, meditation proves to be a breather. Calming the chaos by taking in a few deep breaths and just sitting down for a few minutes in a day will give you the much-needed peace you are looking for. No need to stop your thoughts, just let them come and go without attaching any meaning to them. If you are not able to meditate normally, try playing a calm music piece and that will help ease out some stress. (IMPORTANT: Please consult the experts if you get overly stressed due to anxiety)

Meditation will help you in becoming mindful of the present moment and you all know that being in the present moment is what we need it now and always.

3. Love and Compassion

Image Source: Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

When there is uncertainty regarding so many things in life, the only thing certain is LOVE. Stories of compassion, kindness, and love coming from around the world during these times have warmed my heart more than anything. All those people who are doing their best to make others feel important are doing a great job today.

You too can spread love and help heal the world. Start by loving yourself enough to give your body, mind, and soul the nourishment it needs in these times. Exercise, eat good food, strengthen your immune system and take care of your surroundings. Apart from all those things, please take all the precautions and stay safe.

Show some love and appreciation to your family and friends for being your pillars of strength during stressful times and everything that they are for you.

Donate something to people who are in need and any charity of your choice, if you can.

And the best part of it all is that you can do this without coming in direct contact with anyone.

4. Raise your vibes

The only way you can help anyone and the world at large today is by being a positive influence. I know, this seems difficult and you may think how can we do it in all the negativity. But trust me, friends, this is what the world needs right now. If you can raise your vibes by doing the things you love at home and give yourself the chance to be happy, you will help in healing the world. The more positive energy we give out, the more it will expand into the Universe and more of it will come back to your life.

I do this by writing my heart out, dancing to my favorite tracks, cleaning the house, cooking food for the family, working out reading and connecting with friends. You will have your own ways and I request you all to BE HAPPY!

5. Going back to a long lost hobby

take up a hobby in quarantine times
Image Source: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Your inner child knows what you always wanted to do. Channel that message and start a hobby which makes you smile from the inside. And you never know, it might also become your new career move once all this is over.

6. Starting something new…

You might have been thinking about an idea, but never had the time to make something of it. Well, now is the best time. Start that YouTube channel or blog, learn some new skills, write that masterpiece; you know you have something in your heart, bring it out!!

7. Quarantine times can mean quality times!

Now, is really the best time to spend some quality time with your family. So much in life has taken away from the share of the moments that we spend with our loved ones, and now you have every opportunity to make that right. Also, connect with friends you may not have talked to, due to your busy life.

8. Renewing and reviewing your goals

Image Source: Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

Start by writing some goals if you have not done this till now. And if you have, check out the ones that are done, create new ones and give yourself the chance to live your best life, which you can easily pursue when the world is back to normal. This exercise will give you a head start to jump right into being productive when you are out of the quarantine.

9. The Power of Positive Thinking

People have written books on the same topic, so you know how important it is to have a positive mindset. And in the present scenario, this mindset is going to be something that will not only help you but even the world. The belief that everything will be fine needs to be so strong that it becomes reality sooner than we all can imagine. Positive thinking leads to miracles, and the world needs one right now. Your mindset will help in determining the course of history this time, please try to be positive. It’s a humble request from our side.

10. Looking at the silver linings

Everything feels upside down, but even in this storm we have had some slivers of hope; be it through the kindness of mankind, or the freedom that the animals now have or even the lessening of pollution and its impact on life in general. I see clear blue skies each day and stars shine so bright at night, and just by looking at these, I feel happy and hopeful that nature is healing and we are headed towards a better future.

Now you see, these quarantine times are not going to be so bad if you notice what all you can do and achieve. And think about it, by doing all this and staying at home, you are actually saving the world! You are being a hero, and never was there a time in history that becoming a hero was so easy. You have the chance to save the world and with that, improve the quality of your life. Please take it and do your best and lets just all hope that we all come through victorious when the quarantine ends.

Till then, stay home and stay safe!


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