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While this is a statement which will most probably be justified by someone who has their own children, but I feel that even if someone who does not have a child feels this way, then most certainly children are the biggest and the most special blessings one can ever have in their life.

Take my case for instance, I am currently unmarried and single, and I don’t know when in future I may be getting a chance to have a child of my own. But one thing I know of is that when I meet children of my friends or my relatives, I mostly adore them like they were my own. And I learn so much from them, both the parents and the kids about life and its little gems of happiness that come with kids in life.

How are they the blessings from Heaven?

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The pious hearts of children give them the most adorable smiles and those smiles give the world new excuses to feel happy. How many times have you gone down the street to find a cutesy baby smiling at you and the next thing you know is that your heart is melting. Their hearts have the most innocent of thoughts, and even if they get naughty, that is just a manifestation of their pure thoughts which basically want to feel happiness from the smallest of things around.

One of the most special things that I love about children is that their actions exactly mirror their thoughts. These little ones are yet to find out about the reality of the world that we all live in, and till that time, they basically practice what they preach.

Obviously they do not preach in the literal sense of the term, just that they have their own set of beliefs, which are at such cute levels that at times we wish we could live life like they do. But what happens is that they are actually the ones who keep learning from us, and in such a scenario the most important thing for a household which has kids is to only give them what they want the kids to know about. So much of the personality of a kid is shaped by how well we teach them to be what we want them to become when they grow up. Most parents of grown up kids complain that their kids are not what they wanted them to be, but before sulking about it, can the parents actually look into the quality of their upbringing. The tots are like clay, they get molded into the shape that we provide them with, so people who want that their kids become good human beings, then it is the process that starts with first becoming that. Now if this is not a blessing, then I don’t know what is! The kids change you without even asking you to do that. 🙂

Their tiny eyes house the biggest of dreams and they tell us how we can happily and excitedly go ahead to reach our goals. Being unabashedly unapologetic is something they excel at and lack of this quality at times becomes the biggest hindrance for us adults.

Talking about their special qualities further; loving, sharing, caring, laughing, smiling and living life to the fullest are some of the basic things that the kids do so amazingly that they can make us all feel like we are just wasting our time on earth.

What can adults do to ensure that this blessing remains such?

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One of the most important things that you can give to your kids is the freedom to let them live as they wish. That definitely does not mean that you let them do wrong. You know what is right and what is not, and stopping them at their wrongdoings is as much important as is letting them fly freely when they are right. All of this is a matter of balance basically and nobody knows what works best. All we can hope is that the kids grow up to be at least good humans, and rest is what they wish for.

Seriously, one person’s biggest contribution to the world is what kind of a person they have raised!

If as an adult you want to make some difference to the world, then we can only suggest that you start from your own home, and who knows this wonder from your home may later on change the world.

What makes human race different from others is that we have the power to change the world. And if we can all just try to start that change in our modest homes even, we can collectively change the world. Isn’t this a blessing that we contribute towards making the world a better place by raising our kids right? I surely feel this way, and I hope that on International Children’s Day, the importance of children and raising them right becomes all the more profound by this need to feel specially blessed by the parents at having this golden opportunity to do something for the future of mankind.


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