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The last day of the year is one special day, and this time it being a Sunday, we have an entire day to think about the year that is now coming to an end. But the weird part of remembering it all is that we start going into flashbacks and while doing so, some of us tend to focus on the negatives that prevailed. But, that is exactly what we should simply not do; and on the contrary, the best thing that you can and should be doing on the New Year’s Eve is to only think about all the good things that happened to you.

Remembering the positives makes our heart fill up with gratitude and that is a great way to bid adieu to the year that has gone by before we welcome the New Year with hopes of having a great time. You may be thinking all this is easier said than done, but doing the right things while jumping into the New Year is not an easy task.

So, here we are trying to give you some tips on how to count your blessings and focus on the good things of life:

1. Be happy for the day you have at hand. Every day is actually a new start and when we wake up, we should be thankful that we have been given the opportunity to change something in the world. And this should be no different on the last day of the year, or even the first day of the New Year. Living for the moment is the best way to show gratitude for the life that you have.

New day of new year
Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

2. Revisit the best moments of the year. This is actually quite easy and what I did in this regard was that in the morning I updated my Whatsapp status with all the best moments of 2017 for all my friends to see that I have been thankful for so many things. This was my way of doing it, you can simply browse through your Photo Gallery or your gratitude journal if you have one and see that actually, you are a blessed soul.

3. Rather than thinking of resolutions that you would like to start on the 1st of January, analyze the pattern of your lifestyle to find out the changes that you need to make, to lead a healthy and a happy life. Resolutions are mostly broken, but if you catch an area of life that needs your full attention, there are higher chances of forming the right habits.

4. Give your body and soul the right foods. Nourish yourself with the right ingredients when it comes to the food items that will make your body healthy, and for the mind, give yourself the gift of positivity so that your soul feeds on the right words and thoughts.

5. Embrace the lessons and get ready for a new start. The best thing about past is that it has given you some important life lessons. Imbibing the changes that came as a result of those lessons, you should now step into a new year with a new spirit.

6. Last but not the least, what we want to tell you is that do everything that makes you happy as a person. You are responsible for your state of mind and it is your duty to ensure that you take care of your happiness, while also taking care that your happiness doesn’t degrade someone else’s chances of being happy. So, go for it today, tomorrow and every day of every year.

Hoping that all my lovely readers have a great New Year, I take your leave with a promise to keep showing up with new things in the New Year, that will basically help you to Smile and Shine. 🙂

Feature Image: Photos from Pexels

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