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The great festive December has come and obviously none of us can wait to go shopping. One segment of the population out there feels really stressful when they usually go out for Christmas shopping- yes, the parents of toddlers!

The toddlers who have just learnt how to walk, have the energy and curiosity of the universe in them and shopping malls are the treasure places for them to just go and have a ball of time. But, these shenanigans of the toddlers give major stress to the parents, whose focus keeps getting shifting from their kids to the Christmas shopping and vice-versa.

But, this dad has come up with a brilliant hack to stop the kids from getting lost. The man who runs a YouTube channel named, ‘How to DAD‘, has this really fun idea, with which you can keep an eye on your wandering toddler even in a mall. The hack uses just one product to do the trick, and that product is a balloon.

Idea for Christmas Shopping with babies

In the video, that this dad posted on his YouTube channel on 27th November, he is seen with his baby in a mall. He has gone for Christmas shopping and the baby is a pure bundle of joy and curiosity. Now, obviously he cannot keep the baby from wandering, because that’s what babies do right?! So, what he does is, that he ties a balloon to the loop of the baby’s belt and Voila! Now, he can go for shopping and the balloon will pop up wherever the baby goes.

But, obviously you will need to constantly check-up on your baby. Still, this idea is better than keeping the baby with yourself, when that little one wants to explore. I have seen so many toddlers crying in shopping arenas because their parents don’t let them go anywhere. Obviously as parents, their concerns are good, but then they have to see their babies cry and crib all the time, when they are out shopping.

Now, with this hack, you will be able to keep an eye on your sweetheart from a distance even, and your baby will be free to wander anywhere s/he wants to go. And the idea of using a balloon during the Christmas season also adds to the festive spirit already present.

Idea for Christmas Shopping with babies

One extra tip that I would like to give from my end is that you can also paste a stick-on sticker having your name and phone number written on it, on the balloon which is tied to the baby, so that if by chance, your baby wanders a little too far, someone can see the details on the sticker and contact you or the security present in the mall.

Hope you all have a great time while you go out for your Christmas shopping. Happy festive season to you all. 🙂

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