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Human Rights Day is being celebrated the world over, and the importance of such a day is very much significant in today’s world, where there is fear and anxiety among people all around the world on some issue or the other.

Every year, United Nations decides on a theme, around which the celebrations focus. This year, the theme is, “STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHTS TODAY.”

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There really could not have been a better theme right now, because the world needs that every person accepts this call and stands up for someone’s right. But, my question is, why only today? Yes obviously because, today is the Human Rights Day, but if we all can take this call for action on one day, can’t we imbibe the spirit of this call for the entire year and more importantly, can’t we all just imbibe the spirit of humanity for forever.

I know, that to some of you, this scenario looks like a dreamy situation which is right now being seen by someone with a rose-tinted vision, but is it not what we need at the world level. Just think about it, if every person could simply understand that the dignity of human life is to be protected, then this world would be a much better place to live.

Human Rights Day
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If we all decide to make this world a better living place for all, then it can become, but the problem is that there are so many people who do not see the importance of another human’s life and emotions and this is what makes people snatch someone’s rights. Each human being has the right to live a worthy life and if every person could think of just one thing, then all could be well. That one thing is- could you take the negatives you give to other? In other words, could you handle the pain you give to others? If only, every person could think on these line before inflicting atrocities of any and every kind on humans, things could have been so different. If you cannot handle the pain you so readily give to others, how do you even expect to be called a human being. The first thing to be taken of, for every person is how he fares in life. Obviously, there is nothing wrong in that, but does that mean that you would destroy someone’s life to do that? If yes, then sorry, you are NOT A HUMAN!

Taking care of your happiness makes you a human, but taking care of others’ happiness while taking care of your happiness; that’s what makes you a beautiful human. This is the simplest way by which I could make you understand how important is the life of another human being. You must be knowing it all, but do you practice it? Or do you simply go about your business thinking how does it matter if someone gets hurt or even dies by something I do? Well, if you do come in that category, then one day you will surely have to reap the poisonous fruits of your vile actions. I am not a negative person at all, and frankly I would not have even said such a thing, but sadly, this is the law of nature. As they say, Karma Will Get You! This is exactly what I was trying to say, you may well be doing great as of now by infringing upon someone else’s right to live a happy life, but one day the table will turn and you would not even know what went wrong. This is not to scare you, the good-hearted humans will not get scared. It is the truth that needs to known by all those people who do not respect the dignity of human life. If you respect the life of another human being, then your life will be respected by others; it is really that simple.

I can go on and on, while talking about this but I guess I have made my point. Life of another being should be respected as we expect someone else to respect ours. The call by UN to stand up for someone’s right today on Human Rights Day is something we should all accept for not just today, but make it a part of our identity. Be strong to first of all stand up for your own rights. Only when you are happy as a person yourself, could you think of helping someone else. We should never accept injustice on ourselves, and on others. The simplest way to make this world a better place is to first first respect your own rights and then helping other humans in fighting for their rights. That is what makes you a human who is happy in his life, and is also ready to make life beautiful for others. It is here where there is WIN-WIN situation for all.

NOTE: The above mentioned points are the personal views of the author and in no way do they intend to bind you.

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