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If you have kids at home or have friends and family members with kids, who are in all probable cases getting bored during the quarantine times, you have landed at the perfect place on the Internet today.

We are going to tell you about this amazing ebook, which is FREE, and which is going to teach your kids, drumroll please,

” How To Become Superheroes”

Yes, that’s right! An ebook titled, Operation COVID-19, a kid’s guide to defeating aliens written by Elizabeth Franklin, Ilario Tariello, Anna Franklin and Serena Tariello has hit the Internet and it is a delightful read, to say the least.

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You can download the ebook from-

This 50 pages book is the best thing that you can give to your child as a gift, whether for the festival around these days or even in general because they will surely enjoy each page of it. I read the book in under an hour and literally became a fan and the inner child in me got so excited to tell the world about this book that I had to write about it on my website, with due permissions of course.

The Spectacular Team

The Tariello and Franklin families live in Italy and the USA respectively, but came together with a vision to empower the kids of the world in this fight against the invisible aliens.

Ilario Tariello, an IT Professional, Innovator, and a Writer had seen the condition of his country and the same can be said for Elizabeth Franklin, who being an Author and Inspirational Speaker was feeling the need to say something that would make a difference. Both these genius minds along with their daughters and family came up with this ebook, which got conceptualized, written, edited, illustrated and published in less than 10 days. Currently, it is being translated into almost 30 languages as we are about to publish this article.

Elizabeth Franklin and Ilario Tariello co-authored the book with the pure intention that they would be able to encourage the wonderful little warriors of the world to fight the alien invasion and help save our Planet. These two visionaries are now my inspiration as well and through all the conversations that I have had with them, I know that they are simply GREAT! And that greatness is reflected in their words which made the child in me come alive to believe that indeed we are under an alien attack and we have tools and tactics with which we can save ourselves and the world. Even though the book is for kids, and they will surely love it, I would like to urge that everyone reads it. In any case, we all have all the time in the world right now.

The book has been made even more interesting by the design graphics and illustrations. Anna Franklin took the responsibility of creating the graphics and the cover design and also helped in writing and editing the book. Whereas, young Serena Tariello offered to create amazing illustrations and also write some parts of the book. Angela Urso, Ilario Tariello’s wife did the photography of the illustrations.

This was the team that came together in tough times to create a masterpiece which is now inspiring young and old alike, to become aware of the ways through which they can save themselves and the world and that too in such a fun way that none of it looks like a task.

What’s the Story?

Well, I would not like to disclose much here because I would want you to read it, either for yourself or your kids and make them read it if they can. What I can definitely say is that in a true sci-fi adventure movie style, kids are chosen as special agents to become part of a mission.

A mission that will save the world, and they are given special instructions,  packages, and weaponry to fight the aliens. They are motivated all along the way to become Superheroes in this battle. The beauty of this book lies in its narration, which compels us all and especially the children to believe that they are strong enough to deal with the aliens. It makes you believe in your own power, in the power of unity of humans, and most importantly, it gives you the chance to truly become a SUPERHERO! Every child’s fantasy, and every adult’s childhood fantasy!

Image Source: Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

The World Is Uniting…

This special initiative made people from all over the world to contact the authors so that they could translate the book into their native languages. And in less than 10 days, this empowering book is being translated into more than 30 languages.

Given below is the list of all the wonderful people who are doing their best to translate the book into the mentioned languages as soon as possible. A special thanks to all of them- you are helping in creating a massive team of superheroes and giving the future of this world a chance to believe in themselves like never before.

The ticked boxes in the picture indicate the languages in which the book has been translated. And while I was in talks with one of the authors of the book, the Thai version of the ebook had also been done. It seems very soon we are going to have our little superheroes all geared up to fight the aliens and lead us to victory.

A final few words…

Now that I have told so much, I am sure you must be eager to read the book, and if you have not downloaded it from the link given above, I’ll give it again,

Enjoy this read and be ready to make your kids the SUPERHEROES in this Coronavirus Crisis. They will be proud of themselves and you will too, of them and yourself as well.

Please share this book with all the people you know who have kids. Thank You for your time and hope you all are safe and healthy.




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  1. This is definitely a good book for kids! As far as I can remember, me and all of my friends dreamed of becoming superheroes someday. The authors are the superheroes in this one.

  2. Thank you so much 🙂 You are so right, we all wanted to be superheroes at some point and also on the part that the real ones here are the authors. They are truly an inspiration. 🙂