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Today is a very special day for us, because it is our anniversary. Exactly, a year back, Smile To Shine had started its journey to bring happiness, motivation, inspirational stories and joy to its readers. One year down the line, we have had told a lot to the world, and in turn have learnt loads from the world.

By sharing stories of compassionate people, motivational heroes, loving couples and genuine people, we have learnt many of the life’s lessons in just an year. So, on the occasion of our anniversary today we thought why don’t we share with you all, the wisdom that we have acquired in the past 365 days of the 12 months. And for that purpose, we thought what better way could we find than to convey our precious nuggets through a series of 12 posters in which we present to you ‘A Single Word’ each.

Every single word that outshines in each of the following posters is that pearl of wisdom which has the power to transform some aspect of your life or the other. All these words have an ocean of knowledge hidden in their meanings, and if we can just apply those meanings in our life, I am sure most of us will become truly happy. So, lets begin this journey:

1. The most glorious curve

Single word poster

Well, the first word had to be this, sorry for being this cliched for we are called “Smile To Shine”, but can’t help it because this is the reason why we started this website. Won’t say much, but will only request you to right now bring a smile to your face………

Thank you for doing that… 🙂

2. Keeps us going

Life is not easy for sure, and this single word has that power in it which makes us keep going forward in the pursuit of our happy times.

3. Makes you shine

Who hasn’t heard the importance of this one? This is that one single word which is needed by every single person who wants to achieve something in his life;not just professional but also personally.

4. Power to endure!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! And that power to keep going on in life comes from the strength that we gather over the years.

5. Never quit doing this

The pessimists don’t like this word, but we are the opposites of that here, so we love it. Yeah, just think about it, if we never dream of wanting to achieve something, no matter how hard it is, we will never be able to actually enjoy it. So, its better to dream well than to just regret and dwell!

6. Nothing is right or wrong

This is one big and an important word which needs to be taken into consideration before we ever jump to conclusions. So many problems get solved by just taking note of this one word. Don’t you think so?

7. Lets us think about the ‘impossible’ even

You must be wondering why have I added faith in this list when i have already written about ‘belief’. But believe me, there is a reason for it. Faith and belief are somewhat similar in meaning, but there is a difference. While ‘belief’ is an acceptance that something exists or can exist, ‘faith’ is having complete confidence in someone or something. Moreover, ‘belief’ can be temporary, but ‘faith’ is permanent. So, because of the differences in the intensity in both these words, we need to have them both in our life, for we may have this belief that we will achieve our goals one day, but we have a greater faith in ourself that we will.

8. The power of the ‘Present’

Much of our troubles are because of the fact that we seldom live for the day that is called, ‘TODAY.’ And if at all we can learn to live in the day that we have at hand that day, we will live in a much better way, not just for ourselves, but for others as well.

9. Most Powerful Emotion

Four letters, one single word, yet the magical power it has to transform not just the life of any person, but even the world is something no one has ever been able to express in its entirety. So, even we will not try it out, but will only say that try and understand the true meaning of this word if you want your world to be a happy place.

10. Very valuable

Being kind to someone costs nothing, but the value it creates for you in the heart of the person you helped is something that is priceless.

11. In every aspect of life, this is important

This is specifically needed if at all we want to live a happy and a fulfilling life. It is easy to give your entire focus to something and then achieve it, but it is difficult to understand that you need to bring about a balance so that you are able to excel not just in one thing, but are able to have a satisfying life.

12. Everything starts from here and ends here…

Isn’t this the core of everything that we do or want to do life? Frankly, even I would have never started this website if I was not looking for happiness. And truth be told, when I did start this up, I was in one of the most sad phases of my life and in my quest to find happiness on the internet, I found a reason to have my own little world where I could find and spread happiness from and to the world. All of us are running after something or the other, but most of the times we fail to realize that it is basically happiness that we are running after, and once we are able to acknowledge this simple fact, we can find happiness in the smallest of feats and in the littlest of moments of joy. But the good part about all those little things is that in totality, we get a HAPPY SOUL.

These were the lessons in the form of single words that we learnt in the span of this year, hope we are able to bring loads of happiness and smiles in your lives in the coming times as well. Before going I would like to say one last thing though,

Happy Anniversary To Us At ‘Smile To Shine’ 🙂

Image Source: Pixabay

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