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Celebrating festivals bring so much joy and happiness… Do you agree with this statement? If you do, then I would like to congratulate you with all my heart. Seriously, because if you are the lucky ones ( indirectly I want to say that you are someone who has a positive mindset majorly) then happiness can never stay far away from you for a long period of time. You may ask, why? Well, obviously because we get to celebrate so many festivals around the world each year at different times. So many varied emotions ( mostly of love, belongingness, togetherness, beauty, and happiness) are all felt during the festive times that even if someone is going through a rough patch, they too let that sadness go, even if it is for a while.

festivals of India
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Celebrations of festivals do this to you, but all of this actually becomes possible when we go into the festive season with a positive mindset. Because let’s be honest, we all know at least one person around us, who becomes a Grinch! The reasons that they state are actually the reasons why people end up loving the festivities around them. For example, they may say it gets noisy, but the noises are of laughter, happiness, chitter-chatter of family members, cars being driven so that people can prepare for the good times and reach their loved ones on time. This was just one example, and I don’t really want to focus on why people don’t like the festivals, I am here for sharing something exactly opposite, as to why do people with a positive mindset are better able to enjoy the festivals and bring about much love and happiness into their lives overall. With this, I intend to highlight how a positive mindset helps you enjoy more in life.

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There is nothing wrong with seeing the world through not so rosy lenses if that is what makes you happy. But, generally, for the sake of most people who are better able to enjoy life, maybe the naysayers can be made to understand the benefits of keeping things positive in their minds, if not always, at least during the festivals. And a disclaimer that I would like to put here is that I am in no way trying to offend those who don’t enjoy festivals, so please, be with me here. I am only trying to bring something positive to the table. 🙂

Festivals are a treat!

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Quite literally! Which festival doesn’t have foods that are exclusive of that day? Even if there is no set menu per se, even the thought of the festival makes us want to relish the exquisite dishes, preparations of which start early on for some dishes. We get to enjoy the sweets, with or without guilt, but who cares, right?!

Sights to behold

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Ah, the sights during festivals! The decorations all around, whether they be in the markets or the homes, all of it makes you want to just sit there and enjoy the view. Colors of celebration are quite literally in the air, and who doesn’t like the lights on festivals? These are the only times when our surroundings become beautiful with man-made objects, otherwise, nature always does that favor for us.

Love all around…

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Whether you live with your family throughout the year or visit them during the festivals, you feel the love around. All the times that you get to spend, right from starting to prepare for the festive season to actually sitting together that day doing the rituals, or just enjoying food and drinks, surely makes us all feel that we have our own little happy world, which is always going to be there for us. Friends also are a part of this loved community, which we create over the years while celebrating the special days in our own special ways. With so much happiness being felt by all, what’s not to like in being a part of something that makes us feel loved!

When we get such special moments, I honestly fail to understand why someone would not like the festivals, but then again they also might have their reasons. But, my darling readers, if you can understand how much happiness we can feel through letting our guards down around the festive times, then you would give yourself the most special gift- the gift of being able to feel unconditional love, for yourself and the world around you. And trust us guys, having that feeling is the best feeling of this world.

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I hope, I have been able to bring out the positives on being positive during festivals, although I advocate having that mindset all through the year, but if that is not possible, then the festivals are a great start. Wishing you all a very happy… life with loads of love and happiness during festivals and other times as well, because everyone deserves happiness at all times, whenever whoever needs it. 🙂

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