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When we enter this world as babies, we are oblivious to anything and everything that will one day become a part of our lives. Over a period of time, we learn to adopt and adapt to the things which we naturally see and feel in this world. We all go through many first time experiences and the first reactions to things that we give as babies show a great amount of joy, sadness, shock value and sheer surprise. Though, all of you must have seen many videos about the first time experiences of babies on a lot of things, but here we are giving you a compilation of the cutest reactions of babies to the things that are natural in the world. Just one tip: Try to handle the high cuteness quotient!

1. She loves the rain!

Oh My God! Just look at this angel enjoying the rain. Don’t you think we all can learn something from this little one? I mean, really; just how amazingly she feels the rain and enjoys it, like she had been waiting to feel this way. Her adorable reaction to the rain is so damn cute that even we had to see her many times enjoying the first rain of her life. She simply could not get enough of the rain and came back to enjoy the rain, even after her mom had taken her inside. I am also quite fond of the rainy season, and almost every year I do get drenched a few times. And maybe for this reason, I am in love with this kid here.

2. Trying food for the first time

This cutey just had his first solid food, and though he looked a little bit apprehensive as to what was being given to him, he then went on to take it in his mouth. Initially, he reacts as if he does not like it, but then his smile says it all. The great part is that he enjoyed his first solid meal. Now, that’s a good milestone, I would say.

3. Confused Kiddo!

This is one of my favourite baby videos of the recent times, and I just had to include it in this list of the cutest reactions of babies to the things they experience for the first time. This toddler is made to sit right in between his twin sisters, who are also wearing the same type of clothes and because of this fact, the already confused boy gets all the more confused. He really is unable to understand what is going on there, one of them is crying and the other is silent and he is shell-shocked!

4. From where is that sound coming?

The mommy of this baby must have heard the husband snore a million times, but when this 2-month old baby heard his dad snoring, his reaction came out to be perfect. Nobody likes to hear snores of a sleeping person, and we all may have accustomed ourselves to just put a pillow on our ears if we sleep with snorers, but this cute one had to listen to it, at least this time. He even tries to figure out, as to from where is that sound coming, but the sudden snores just kind of freak him out.

Babies are curious and highly expressive beings, and their reactions to the things they experience for the first time is always priceless. They give the purest of responses, without even an iota of mixed feelings. Really, we adults need to learn so much from them.

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