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The month of May marks a milestone for me each year as it serves as an anniversary month for my career as a writer. This year, it was extra special because it was the 5th anniversary. I don’t know whether people actually do this or not, but I like to celebrate the good things in life and me being a writer is something that I am happy about, always. So, I wanted to write this out and share the journey, the lessons, and the aspect of my life I love so much.

My Journey So far as a Writer…

When five years back, I started out as a freelance writer, I did not have much idea about anything actually. During my initial days, I took a few assignments as a ghost-writer, churning out reviews of movies, products, and services for different clients. Some were good contacts and some came to teach me a few lessons along the way.

Nonetheless, I kept moving forward and in just about a year, I reached a position where I became the Senior Content Editor at an online publishing firm. The pay was good, I was finally feeling like I had reached somewhere and then came the void… The void of not being able to create my works as a writer!!

Soon enough, I understood in my soul that being in a good position is not worth leaving what you truly love. And my love was WRITING. To be able to create write-ups that have meaning in them, which give out a message, which can motivate someone! After this realization, I left the job and started this blog, and four years of being the Founder of Smile to Shine have literally changed my life.

As can be seen, by anyone who visits this website, we only post content that can make you feel positive and this drive to create such content has made me an immensely positive person. I can see what impact my words have on people, and when they message me that they were motivated, or that they smiled, it just makes me super happy.

So basically, me wanting to create happiness in the world through my words lead to me being happy, in my being. This is just the best part of being a writer. And because I seldom talk about myself in this manner, I decided to use the excuse of the five-year anniversary to share my journey and the lessons that I learned during this period. And because I cannot be completely blabbering about myself, I need to give something of more value to my readers. For this reason, I am going to share with you all the top 5 lessons that I learned during this time. Let’s get started without further ado:

1. Believe In Yourself…

Image Source: Image by ladyritzn from Pixabay

As cliche as this sounds, this really is the best tip I have for you all. So many of us never even try to pursue our dreams because we get scared that someone will say this or that. But when you truly go after what you believe is best for you and go towards it with full belief, you will reach the pinnacle of everything; success and happiness being the most important achievements along the way.

2. Never Ever Quit!

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Your dreams are the most precious parts of your soul. They were given to by the Universe with a purpose and when you go towards them with passion, you just keep going. Quitting can never be an option if you truly want to achieve success in any field.

3. Consistency is the key…

Image Source: Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

This is the one lesson that I learned almost the hard way. I don’t claim to be perfect and that is why I am ready to say that there have been times when I have not been consistent with my work, and that has had its adverse effects on my career. But, now I am giving my best to be the best I can be each day, and the results are great. Literally in just a few months, the traffic on my website has increased, I have made some amazing connections around the world and have joined hands with people who are doing a great job in their fields.

As weird as it may seem, but the month when I was supposed to celebrate my anniversary has actually been the busiest of all the months prior to that, and I am not complaining. My purpose includes giving positivity and happiness to the world through my words, and when that is being met each day, whether I publish here or write for an International Magazine, or an NGO, or a friend even, I feel blessed.

4. Take Risks…

Image Source: Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Growth cannot take place in the comfort zone. So, if you want to progress in life, you will have to take risks. Some will make you see lows and some will take you to great heights. But, all in all, you will always learn something or the other and that happens when you have a mindset in which you don’t see regret as an option.

If I go deep in the dictionary of the vocabulary of my life, regret is nowhere to be found. I have made mistakes, but I always end up learning from them, and then the next chapter comes with a little more of sunshine and rainbows.

5. Learning Never Stops…

Image Source: Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

This may seem like an extension of the previous point, but I had to put it because it really is this important. And to put it as my final point here, I had to add this one.

No matter how successful you get in your eyes or in the eyes of people around you, you can never know everything. And if you think, you know it all, then I may have to burst your bubble. Of course, you become an expert in something and that is great, but there will always be something in this world that can excite you to learn more about it, and that my friend is the way life is lived fully. Becoming stagnant, whether physically or mentally, leaves you feeling stuck and even rotten, but if you have the spirit of learning in your bones, you will live life, even if you reach a 100-year-old milestone.

Although, now that I am in the flow of writing about this journey, I have so much in mind. But, it is already a lot to read, so maybe some other time. Hope you get something from this and thank you for reading till the end. People like you motivate me to keep going ahead. Lots of love and blessings to all my wonderful readers. 🙂

Featured Image Source: Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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