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When half the world out there is all against millennials and their ways of living their lives, one amazing Gen X Mom and wife from Oklahoma came out to give some serious advice to the Generation Y, and truly we all are in love with her for understanding us like this.
Tangela Ekhoff, who is also a writer and a sit-down comic created a Twitter thread on 17th May, telling all millennials everything they wanted to hear from a woman who is almost the age of their mom. And that is exactly how Ekhoff started her thread, which has struck a chord with the millennials on Twitter and they have been retweeting and liking her tweets by thousands. Take a look at how a Gen X lady gave out life advice that has won many hearts across the world:

As a millennial, I would like to firstly Thank Ekhoff for coming out in our support. 🙂

Don’t you just love the way she has asked us millennials to enjoy our freedom and youth.

She reassures us that we don’t need to get disheartened if we do not own homes as of now.

This one comes from the experiences of Ekhoff’s own life, and truly these words are gems.

She told us that we need not get disturbed by the people who envy us and who don’t understand us.

And finally, Ekhoff nailed it with an advice which just summed up everyone’s life goals. We should all strive to live our lives the way we want, make choices that work for us and friends let me say- I Love You Ekhoff for saying, “The only thing you will ever regret not owning is your happiness.”

So, my dear millennial buddies, don’t you agree with whatever she has said? We are happy that someone spoke for us and spoke to us telling that we can be happy for whatever we are doing. And that has been the basic reason why Twitterati collectively fell in love with the words of one woman. Ekhoff just did what nobody could do in a really long time, she inspired many from a generation which at times feels lost by its own decisions and actions and at other times, it gets the rap from the older generations for being the way it is. But, when she told us that it is okay to do all those things and it is okay to live our life the way we want to, all the millennials of the world only have this to say to her…

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