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Halloween is just round the corner, and your baby has been keeping you busy. If this is the first Halloween of your baby, then I am sure, you are thinking about a lot of things. You yourself have not been in the perfect shape, and you definitely want to enjoy the holiday; your baby is possibly too young to even give you a clue as to what he/she likes, but you want him/her to look unique and amazing. And most importantly, you need to make sure that your baby stays warm and comfortable in whatever he wears.

We have for you, some of the best costume ideas for your baby’s first Halloween. After all, this will always be remembered and you would want to show off to your kids when they grow up that you had made all the efforts that they look truly unique and adorable in their first ever costume party. Take a look at the following costume ideas and get ready to rock the first Halloween of your baby’s life.

1. Foxy treat for the eyes


Animal costumes are usually favorites of parents when it comes to dressing their children up for their first Halloween, and this fox dress in orange color, like that of a pumpkin, is simply perfect for the festival.

2. Perfect Peacock dress


Your little one will be kept warm and will look the best in this special peacock jumpsuit for Halloween.

3. Cute Vampire


Your boy will kill people at every party with his cuteness quotient in this vampire dress. But don’t forget to style his hair also like this.

4. Classic Minnie Mouse


You can never go wrong with the classics; and with this amazing minnie mouse dress, your darling daughter will be loved by all in the party. It’s simple, not too over-the-top and yet enough to make your daughter look adorable in any fancy dress competition.

5. Convict Costume

convict-costumeHe has been stealing your sleep, now let him steal the hearts of onlookers with this convict costume.

6. The Perfect Pea in the pod


The face of your baby will be that of the best pea anybody could ever see. This one is a warm and a cozy ‘pea in a pod’ dress, and your baby will be comfortable in this, especially if he is too young and would not be sitting much.

7. Pretty Princess


Let your princess be a Disney princess for her first ever Halloween in this Cinderella Dress and let these memories be the sweetest thing that she can cherish all her life.

8. Punk it up with a pumpkin dress


How can we discuss Halloween and not have anything related to a pumpkin? It’s like saying we want to have Italian for dinner and not order a pizza; sorry for this reference, but I was somehow hungry and could only think of this connection. Anyways, a pumpkin dress is simply perfect to keep things traditional and cute.

9. A Darling Duckling


Ducklings are just too cute to handle, and so is your baby, I am sure. So why not take the cuteness level to an extreme level by making your darling baby dress up as a duckling. Simple, sweet and effective, that’s how babies look adorable and feel comfortable.

10. Skeletons are scary… really?


Well, not really, because if you see this skeleton dress surrounding a baby, its only going to be so cute that you could die! And if you want to go by the spooky theme of Halloween, this skeleton costume is the perfect choice.

Which one did you like the most? I know it is a little difficult to decide, but I am sure you must have liked some or the other!

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