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Who doesn’t love chocolates? But, what if they come in such designs and shapes that you get confused whether to eat it or to keep it as a treasure. Well, this is what we felt when we saw the chocolates made by Master Chocolatier Giorgio Demarini of Peru.

Roselen Chocolatier is a premium chocolate store located in Lima-Peru. It was founded by Elena Basagoitia, who now runs it with her son, Giorgio Demarini. Demarini had studied graphic designing and visual arts, and while he was studying, his mother had already started the business, traditionally making fine chocolates.

After having studies designing, Demarini decided to pursue a course in chocolate making and attended the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, Canada till 2010. When Demarini joined in with his mother, he applied all his skills and today at Roselen Chocolatier, they create such cutting-edge chocolates that they landed a place in the list of Top 10 Best Chocolatiers of the World, complied by the National Geographic Travel in 2016. Truly, they deserve a special place, not only in that coveted list, but also in our hearts.

At Roselen Chocolatier, each and every chocolate is hand-crafted with precision to perfection. They create their chocolates with Peruvian cacao of the best quality and aroma, fusing them with ingredients of local origin, which makes their work of art true master pieces. For them, each chocolate is a work of art and a jewel of design, which according to them is a pleasure to the eye and to the palate as they are made by hand in small quantities. Just take a look at some of the unique masterpieces.


Roselen Chocolatier is also a member of the FCIA, Fine Chocolate Industry Association, which is an association made up of the best chocolatiers of the world. This association supports the art and the elaboration of fine chocolates with fresh and natural ingredients using the best cocoa as the main raw material.

La purita verdad. #chocolate #happy #life !

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Even the simple chocolate has the power to fill us with joy, and when the bonbons come in such designs, people can legitimately go crazy for them. We sure are in love with the chocolates of Roselen Chocolatier, and I am sure I am sharing this sentiment with almost everybody who has seen these works of art.

Feature Image Source: Instagram/Giorgio Demarini


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