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How often do you come across people who often complain about things not happening perfectly? Most of us have seen such people and actually most of us are like that. I would admit that even I am guilty of this thing. I do sulk and complain when things are not in their order, and it may even be something as small as my laundry not coming up on time, or my car cleaner not able to wash the car in the morning, or the break-down of internet services (well, this one can actually be a life-and-death kinda situation for many people around). But today I want to ask you whether perfection brings happiness?

Well, yes it does bring up a nice and clean presentation, appraisals and compliments. But friends, don’t we get bored of the perfection at times? I am sure we all do. Some of the greatest moments of respite in such cases come from the small joys and pleasures of life.  But our daily running clock doesn’t allow us to identify those moments.  Almost every day we get such joyous moments to cherish, but sadly we fail to recognize their existence.

Today, I am going to tell you about some of those small happy moments that came in my life very recently.

Last week my car cleaner didn’t come for 2 consecutive days. The first day I obviously yelled at him (in my mind).  But the second day, I got up and cleaned it by myself. And you would be surprised to know that something magical happened that day. I really don’t know how and why, but my car gave the best mileage that day. Though, it was an increment as low as 1 point, but it still did manage to bring a 3-second smile on my face.

Next up, my laundry came up late and I had to leave a little early that day and almost all other shirts were dirty. While looking for other shirts I found my college days’ shirt kept somewhere hidden like the memories of those days.  I picked it up very carefully and slowly wore it. And, unintentionally, the nostalgia of those days hit me hard and those memories even travelled to my work place with me and stayed all day.

The night when my internet services came down, I was not really doing an important work. So, I kept the phone aside and started looking at the things around me. My dairy was placed idle, near the newspapers.  I opened it up and read a few lines of my forgotten personal dairy. I spent the next 30 minutes, reading things about life, my ambitions, my passions, my lost days, and then I realised how important it is to be alone with yourself in a day’s routine. Trust me you will be bombarded with realisations at the first instance.

When finally, I met the laundry guy and the car cleaner, I said “thank you,” with certainly no sarcasm intended.

Now that I look back at these moments, I realise that these things happened, so as to make me learn to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Those hidden pleasures, which are at tucked under the memories of some long lost days, in some pages, always looking to be loved by what still remains in our hearts.

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Please Share If This Made You Happy
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