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Winning hearts is no small task! But, combining art and heart can do the trick. And when an artist creates art by merging the two, something powerful happens in your heart as an audience. You are blown away, you believe more in the beauty of life and you want to learn how to create and appreciate the beauty of the amazing things in life.

hearts as art
Image Source: Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

That is what happened with me when I stumbled upon this Instagram Account, by the name @theheartsymbol and almost instantly fell in love with the feed. The owner of the account has opened the forum to artists from around the world to send in entries of hearts in the art form, howsoever, they create it, and the result is a beautiful account feed that just keeps getting better each day.

Ironically, a few days before I found this account, I was just thinking to myself, how awesome would it be if we could create art around hearts, and bam! I found the feed of my dreams! Now, I know you guys must be wondering, what is all the fuss about, but trust me, you will find at least one heart there, which will talk to your own, no matter how heartless you may feel, although I certainly don’t want anyone to feel that ways about themselves.

Nonetheless, enough of talking and before I say too much, let’s get into the matter of hearts, and fall in love with the organ which makes you fall in love:

1. As beautiful as a mother’s love!

This artwork posted on mother’s day takes the cake for being just as amazing as a mother’s love in your life. It is pure, it is perfect and it is just out there to leave you speechless.

2. The Summer Heart!

For all the ice-cream lovers out there!! Just how summery this heart this is…? We wouldn’t blame you if now you just want to grab a scoop, go ahead. Actually, we too will!

3. The child in her heart…

For a mother, a child is where all her heart resides. And this picture portrays this feeling of a mother, so perfectly, that it is pure genius.

4. The castle of hearts!

When one is able to live from their heart, they actually start building up the castle of their life, in which they can always stay happy.

5. Flowers all around…

Beauty is in the heart and beauty is in the flowers! And when flowers are given by heart, love only flourishes, for the sender as well as the receiver.

6. Another bouquet!

Flowers truly are the easiest way to win hearts! No wonder artists combine these two together to create perfect artworks.

7. For the book lovers…

Any booklover in the world will fall in love with this heart! I can say that because I totally relate to this one. Your heart only overflows with love when you have books to connect to, with your inner self, with the outside world, as well as with the imaginative world.

8. Within and without…

The happiness of the Universe resides in your heart, just go with it and go within, to feel what it means to be truly happy.

9. Let yourself flourish…

Once we start to listen to our heart’s calling/s, our life changes to become this beautiful bouquet of wonderful moments. Staying true yo yourself is actually the key to happiness and contentment in life.

10. Together…

When hearts come together with their truest of feelings, any storm can be handled. Unity is solidarity, whether that be among couples or the world in general.

11. Nights!

Those nights when your heart’s calling keeps you awake are the best ones. Those are the ones that make you who you are at your best. But, still, I would not endorse staying awake at night; having a healthy sleeping schedule is a must. But, also go where your heart takes you…

12. The musical notes…

Music reaches your heart so easily, amazingly, and powerfully that you are left only wondering how did it happen so quickly?

13. If only…

If only, we had one of these! Our hearts are great, but if we could really listen to the heart and the brain together, what a fine balance would that be, right? But, then when we have them separately, eventually we can only say that, enjoy both, whether individually or by merging their callings.

14. Opening up is important…

All the time in this article, we have been saying, ‘ go where your heart takes you,’ and for that, the most important thing is to actually first open your heart and allow it to bloom fully. That is when you will know what it wants and where you can take your life from that point.

15. And, then just grow…

Once you have opened your heart, and you go about living in all its glory, you grow beautifully to become what you were always meant to be. Isn’t this the most wonderful aspect of it all? Growing with your heart, to live fully!!

We certainly love each of these artworks and all the others that are there on the Instagram account, please follow them to just be amazed each day. And yes, this is not a paid promotion, so basically we really loved it, and just wanted to share the beauty with the world and our wonderful readers.

Have a great time ahead, and live life heartfully!!

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