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Do you remember how we loved to engage in the extra-curricular activities during our childhood? Just how amazing were those days; weren’t they? When we got the chance to take our minds away from studies, we were all very happy taking the paint brushes in our hands or beating the drums to create just whatever we liked. It didn’t matter whether we created masterpieces or not, we just had a ball of time and stress used to be miles away. That was the magical effect of a hobby! But, since the time we got into the rat race and gave all the free time to our smart phones, we have stress living inside us like a demon, which is slowly killing us all, from within.

Even now, one of the best ways to take our minds away from the stressful life is pursuing a hobby. And that is not just the only benefit we can derive from a hobby, there are a lot more and here we are going to discuss all about those benefits. So, let’s start it up:

1. A hobby will diffuse tension

When you focus on something that you love doing, your mind will diffuse the tension that has been building up. It really works in dissipating the troublesome thoughts you might be having about life and its various challenges.

2. You get to re-connect with yourself
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Having some ‘me’ time in your life is very important for your well-being, but usually we do not get that time. By having a hobby of your own, you will be creating some time to re-connect with yourself, because more often than not, your hobby will be a manifestation of your desires and when you take time out to give yourself an appointment, you tell yourself that you are important for who you are and that you are special. Do it, it’s necessary for self-care!

3. You will have an independent source of pleasure

Whenever we get some free time, we just rush to spend time with friends or go out for movies. Not saying that you should not do it, but you will agree when I say that not always everybody is free for you. You should have something in your life, which can give you a sense of rejuvenation and pleasure even when nobody is there for you. That would make you a strong person, who knows how to enjoy life without being dependent on others for his or her own happiness.

4. You can get to meet people having similar interests
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When you go out to procure items to be used in your hobby, you are most likely to meet people, having similar tastes in life. You could actually even join clubs or classes that are related to your hobby. You may even be surprised to know how deeply passionate some people are about their hobbies, and these people can help you out in refining your talent. Don’t you think it might be just great that you meet people with same interests as yours, rather than having to meet people who have nothing in common with you, like some of them you meet in your office. 😉

5. Can give you an outlet to express yourself creatively

Your job may not be giving you that creative satisfaction. And in such a scenario, what better way can you get to express your creative thoughts? You may be interested in making bookmarks and your free time will just give you the perfect time and opportunity to choose the different colors and shapes and textures in which you can make your own special bookmarks for your books and you can even give them as gifts to people who you know will love them. It can be just about anything; all it needs to do for you is that it should help you express your personality.

6. Creates balance in your life

All work and no play can make your life just plain dull and highly boring. You have a job to keep, relationships to maintain, and in all of this, you get lost! Having a hobby will help you in keeping balance as you will get some time for yourself and your creative endeavors.

A hobby is so much more than just an activity that you do in your free time. It helps you in creating something of your own, it reduces the stress levels in your life, helps in creating a balance in your life and just gives you something that you love from the core of your heart. So, what are waiting for, take those old paint brushes out and create your own masterpiece or just immerse yourself in anything that you love and see the difference.

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