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This year when the CBSE Class 12th Board results came out, and when it was declared that Raksha Gopal topped at 99.6%, among the happiest were the Arts students, especially the former Arts students, like myself. 😉

Students from the Arts stream have always had to feel bad in front of others from Commerce or Science streams. Just like me, there are several students who decidedly opt for Arts because that is what they want to study, because they have thought something about their future, and they know the path that needs to be taken. While the community of Arts students might be feeling proud today, but the same cannot be said about many others. We thought, why should we not tell you something about the reactions which might have erupted in the aftermath of an Arts student becoming the All India Topper.

1.Students from the Science Stream


All the science students are so much in shock that they simply aren’t unable to process this reality!

2. Students from Commerce Stream


They too are shocked, but they also have a disappointment added to the whole scenario.

3. Students from the Arts Stream


These are the ones who have Arts but have not been as lucky as Raksha to be scoring so well in the boards. They have already been listening a lot as to why you took Arts these two years, and now the newest dialogue with their parents will be, “She can do it, and you can’t!”

4. Relatives of the Topper


This must have been the scene at the house of the relatives of not only the topper, but other top scorers as well.

5. The students who have scored between 95-98%


Although, these students have scored incredibly high marks in the Class 12 boards, but some of them may still be sad at not having scored a 99%. But obviously they need to show that they are happy as well.

6. People who will be deciding the cut-offs


They have a nice benchmark again, and they will again come up with yet another absurd cut-off list.

7. Twitterati


Almost every person on Twitter had a field day when they got the opportunity to Tweet something about #CBSEResults2017 and #RakshaGopal. They had thought of the jokes and memes and were just ready to unleash their comic side.

8. The Younger Cousins


These little are a few years away from their boards, but they now have a standard to cross, according to their parents!

9. The fake well-wishers

Well, there must have been who may have shown too much excitement, but then fake enthusiasts are not the kind of well-wishers anybody would ever like to keep.

10. The True Well-Wishers


Obviously, there are some people who are truly proud of her achievements. We are proud of the fact there is someone who has not taken tuition classes, has been playing her piano even during the exams, is a blogger and has her goals set.

When the internet decided to go against yet another topper, we decided to be with her and be proud of her achievements, but that doesn’t mean we don’t respect other students who have worked just as hard. Every one of you is special, you may not have scored as high as the topper or other top scorers in boards, but life is just starting out, dreams are still to be seen and visions are yet to be built. There is only one topper, but we all succeed in our own special ways and eventually happiness comes to those who hope for it to be a part of their life.

We wish all the students a very bright future. 🙂

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