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When we start to think of things that make us happy in life, more often than not we connect our happiness to people around us. Obviously, it is all justified because, at the end of the day, we all have our closest of people who mean the world to us. And there should be no reason that we should not enjoy our moments with our loved ones. But, there is a difference in being happy with the people in your life and making them the center of your life and happiness. It is that difference that we all need to understand because we cannot give the keys to our happiness to anyone else; as people often tend to lose things that are not theirs!

My last line may seem a little weird, but please don’t get me wrong friends. I too am a people’s person, who enjoys good times with friends and family, someone who tries to make everyone happy around her, someone who loves being pampered, and all those things that make us happy around people. But, in all of this, I also understand that my true happiness can never be totally dependent on the ones around me because it resides in my soul. Howsoever saddening this proposition may look like, in actuality, this is something which makes you a stronger person who is not scared to face the reality of the world.

When we preserve the key to our happiness with ourselves, we make sure that our joyous moments are not just bubbles created by others, instead, they are the precious pearls which are our treasures.  Afterall, you know yourself the best and who can make you truly happy, other than yourself? This is the question which always makes me want to make sure that even though I enjoy my happy moments with people, I never base my happiness on them and their actions. You may be wondering how exactly can we make sure that our happiness doesn’t get dependent on others. Well, that is where we are going to help you, but mind you, we will only help you, because we do not want you to be dependent on others. 😉

1. Make your “Happiness Inducers” list

Any project that you take up, needs some sort of ‘sorting out’ before you go ahead with creating concise goals. Same goes for this project of yours where you want to be your own happiness master. So, going by this step, we need to create a list of all the things that make you happy. It can and should contain all the moments that make you smile, whether it is your perfect morning coffee or whether it is that appraisal at work.

2. Understand the importance of “Little pleasures of life”

When we are making our list of happiness inducers, we may get confused as to what all should be included, and although I did tell you guys to include any and every moment that makes you smile, I would still like to mention the importance of the “little pleasures of life.” Now, these may or may not be things that happen on a daily-basis, but you need to recognize the moments that make your life worthwhile, you need to put in perspective as to what is really important in your life. And when you get this sorted, you will know that you indeed are a man or woman, with blessings.

3. Practice gratitude

After we have realized that we are blessed, then we also need to be grateful for all those things that make us happy. Your initial list has lead you to this point where you are now counting your blessings and also paving the way to create more moments which will give you joy from inside. So, it is highly advisable that you practice gratitude. By the way, if you like to be grateful, you can also maintain a gratitude journal; that will only help you put your happiness right in front of you everytime you make an entry into that journal.

4. Do-it and feel-it

Now that you have sorted out the things that make you happy, you need to just do those things as often as possible. Yeah, it was really this simple! Whether those things are done in a routine, or you have to specially take time out to do all that, try and do most of the things that make you happy but remember to feel that happiness. This is the most important part of the entire process. You like having your morning coffee or that run on the road and you have been doing all this as a part of your routine. But now, you need to recognize that moment, to truly feel the happiness it gives you. Don’ t just do things mindlessly, instead practice mindfulness in doing everything that was on your list, and every time you will feel a smile coming from inside, you will be more than willing to do all those things much more frequently and with much more attention so as to make sure that your personal happiness inducers work for you.

Trying to be happy is a conquest which never ends. It is not a permanent state of being. But this is what makes happiness so elusive every time we think about it. Learning to be happy and keeping that key with yourself will take time, but I am sure you will do the work because, at the end, there is nothing to lose, you will only gain your happiness, which will make your life worth everything.

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