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Being a woman may not be easy, but it surely is a blessing! And a bigger blessing in life is to become a woman who can help improve other women’s lives. Today, we are going to talk about a very young and dynamic humanitarian, who is changing the perception of what it means to be a woman who cares about the world. She is super young, super driven, super inspiring and just makes you wonder, why don’t we have more of such gems in our world. She is… Mavayna Manav

young humanitarian- Mavayna ManavBig dreams and bigger responsibilities…

When a person dreams big in his/her life, they often get scared by the magnitude of responsibilities that are then put on their shoulders. But, that is not the case with Mavayna, she in fact very enthusiastically takes up all the responsibilities that come with a position as important as being the State Secretary for the National Women and Child Development Council.

I know this young woman, from the time she was a just a child, and the way she has become this unstoppable force in just a matter of 2-3 years, is simply mind blowing. Mavayna is still pursuing her Graduation from the Delhi University, and even though her studies got affected when she started the social work, she found balance and is now focussed on what matters to her the most; and that is, her mission to spread awareness on female health and menstrual hygiene.

Today on the 28th May, when the world is observing International Menstrual Hygiene Day, by highlighting the importance of good menstrual hygiene management, Mavayna is the force to reckon with in this regard in the Indian Youth Community.

The #bleedandcare Campaign

Women have to face a lot of problems during those days of the month, and to show her support towards women and to show that she cares, Mavayna has been personally urging women to come out in support of the concept of breaking the chain of shame and loving your cycles and your body. Check out her Instagram feed to know more about this campaign.

The Start of it all…

When asked, from where did she get the inspiration to do all this for women, she states that the Oscar-Winning Documentary, “Period.end of sentence,” has been a big part of it all. Taking the initial inspiration from the documentary, Mavayna started to volunteer with the team of the movie, to go to different cities and villages in India to spread awareness about female health. Since, then, there has been no looking back!

After those initial days, her contributions started to get recognition and lead to her appointment as the Menstrual Hygiene Management Ambassador for the Gramalaya & Carevanta Foundation. Through these organizations and her own campaigns, she now intends to remove the taboo surrounding periods and encourage open talks on feminine hygiene.

Strong Support System

Mavayna’s zeal to serve the society is unparalleled, and a lot of the strength that she gets to keep moving forward comes from her family. Particularly, her father, Mr. Subhash Manav is the one man, who is always there to push her to improve and grow in life. She gives most of the credit of reaching where she is to her dear father. Mavayna knows that till the time her father is there to be her guide, she is only going to rise in life to the greatest of heights.

Mavayna Manav with her father, Mr. Subhash Manav

Humanitarian with a big heart…

Even though her focus is on improving the conditions of women in our society, she doesn’t just stop there. The humanitarian spirit in her always drives her to join other causes as well, all of which have some bearing on improving the lives of people and women and children in particular. Check out the different positions she holds in various organizations around the world:

That’s an exhaustive one, right!? Well, that is truly how amazing she is in doing what she does, spreading love and light in the world through her consistent efforts.

Her Biggest Project…PADYATRA!

Although there are many projects that she is constantly working on, the most ambitious one is termed as PADYATRA. This mission is going to be a grand walk around the nation, covering more than 100 districts, where her team will spread the message of self-reflection and self-love among women. The need to reach out to the rural and weaker sections of the country in order to improve female health systems not just on an infrastructural level, but also on the mindset level, has been the driving force for her to draft this mission.

Nothing can stop her…

The above-mentioned words are not just a commentary on her way of functioning but are actually true. When the whole world is locked up during the Covid-19 Pandemic, she is still going out to do whatever she can. Taking full precautions, of course; she has been on a drive to donate sanitary pads to the women of the weaker sections of society around the city of Delhi.

That is Mavayna Manav… an energetic, dynamic, dedicated, and driven 21-years-old woman, ready to win the world with her big heart, big dreams and bigger mission of one day being directly associated with the United Nations to make a difference in the lives of people in this world.

She is already an inspiration to many around her and intends to one day create an impact that motivates young people to take up social causes, for she believes that if we don’t do anything to change the system, who will?!

We wish that her unstoppable spirit only gets stronger and she continues to spread the light of positivity and love around her, outside, to the entire world.

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