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After waking, a routine of sorts starts in our lives, and we just go with the flow of events that we know are going to happen. We are so used to, to this type of life that we seldom take notice of special moments nature can give us, but today something happened to me.

A single second of this morning filled me with so much happiness, that I could not stop myself from writing about it, even when I was wanting to get back into my cozy bed. The minds of us writers never cease to surprise us, REALLY!

It so happened that when I woke up, I routinely had my glass of water and then headed to the washroom. Now my washroom isn’t really just a place for relieving and refreshing myself, it is that one quiet place which lets my thoughts wander when I want them to, and actually when I don’t even want them to. It is that place where my mind, heart and soul can feel and talk to one another and help me find myself. A window at one upper corner of one of the walls helps greatly, as it keeps me connected to the outside world. Basically, this entire setting lets my thoughts travel to and from my inner soulful world to the outside natural world.

So, about this morning; as I was standing in front of the mirror and could hardly even open my eyes, A WHIFF OF  FRESH MORNING AIR CAME THROUGH THE WINDOW. That one second of time, that single wave of freshness in the air, had a cold morning smell which comes into the breeze after travelling through the leaves of tress and the rays of the Sun. Literally, it just lasted for a single second, or maybe even less than that; but it touched my senses so very deeply that I had a heartfelt smile after a really long time.

The precious fragment of time, which stirred up a smile from the sloppy morning person that I usually am, actually took me back to my childhood days. The nostalgia that came after it, had no address initially, but I knew it was about some golden era of my life, and with these thoughts and a heartfelt smile I retreated to my bed.

As I lay down, thinking about that whiff of air, I went back to my memories and realized that this particular smell was not from recent years. The recent years of my life have been a little tough personally and professionally, so that happiness inducing moment was certainly not from these years.

I went further down the memory lane, and figured out that it was indeed the familiar smell of my childhood years that had hit me now, even if it did for a moment. And surprisingly enough, I even found the particular memory it was related to. In my school years, we would all have to gather outside on the school grounds for the morning assembly every morning. Neither me, nor any one my friends particularly liked going to the grounds for the morning assembly, especially during the early winters, when we felt cold outside. At this time of the year, none of us really liked to wear our cardigans because in the classrooms it became hot if we wore them, so the morning’s crispy coldness felt too sharp at times.

The moment which filled me with so much happiness and nostalgia today, was from this golden childhood era. It was during the 8th Standard, that me and my friend used to go to the assembly grounds through this particular route, where the sun’s rays came with the cold breeze after having traveled through the trees that outlines the periphery of our school. It was nothing that I guess me, or any of friends noticed back then, because we were too busy gossiping, before the classes started, but my senses surely didn’t miss the smell of the air that used to surround us that time.

Yes, it was the familiar cold wintry breeze, having the warmth of the Sun with a whiff of leaves, that filled my senses today and eventually took me back to my happy days. It all seems so surreal that at one point, its even unbelievable, but I know it happened, my soul knows the happiness it felt when that smell of the familiar breeze reached it.

Just yesterday, I had written a blog post telling about the benefits of maintaining a gratitude journal, and being grateful to the blessings of life. Writing that, certainly made me also, more grateful to the small blessings of life and today’s morning was made extra special by the beautiful movement of the air which touched me for just one second. But, I am thankful to nature for that one second also, for it gave me that heartfelt smile, which we all long for, so deeply these days.

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