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For those of you who do not know what DDLJ is, then let’s get this sorted first and foremost. DDLJ is the abbreviation of a Bollywood movie named Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which released exactly 25 years ago, on 20th October 1995. The abbreviated version of the name is used all too frequently, especially among the die-hard fans, for whom it is not just a movie, but a cult classic with which they grew, learned how to fall in love, and enjoy the journey regardless of the hardships it may bring.

So, now that the basics are clear, let us get into what all a true fan of this movie feels whenever they watch it, or even hear a mention of the movie or catch some song playing, anywhere. I know all these points are totally valid for me and I am not even someone who claims to be the biggest fan, a massive one, yes I am, but I am pretty sure there are crazier fans than me too. Let’s see how many points can you relate to:

1. You have lost count


Either you literally keep a count somewhere in an old diary, you have lost count as to how many times you have seen the movie. I also don’t know, but just to have some clarity, 20+ is my number.

2. You can speak the dialogues with the characters

If not all, the most famous ones are embedded in your soul like they are what you mean to say. Every time, you watch the movie and your mind keeps saying the dialogues with the flow, you only seem to grow prouder of your affection for this favorite of yours.

3. Your idea of romance is based on this story


Most of your ideas about what love or what it should be is dictated by what happens with Raj and Simran in the movie. The hatred-to-friendship-to-love journey, the picturesque locations to enjoy the company of your special someone, the belief that love will win, all that comes from this movie.

4. You have some DDLJ merchandise with you

I found this bell randomly in an Archies store years ago, and I have it with me till date. If you want to buy this, please click on the picture above and you will be redirected to the page where you find it. If not, just enjoy looking at this cute thing here.

5. Your heart skips a beat if you listen to the music of the movie, even from afar…


It’s like a tube light that suddenly gets on when you faintly listen to the songs playing somewhere. And then, you have to just find time in the near future to actually watch those songs or even watch the movie.

6. Every time feels like the first time


This is an issue which might have irritated the not-so enthusiastic fans around you, that every time DDLJ is playing on TV, you start to watch it, and literally with expressions as if you are looking at it for the first time.

7. You are way too excited today

As the fans celebrate the completion of 25 years since the movie came, you know you are way too happy, technically for no reason at all. But there is a solid reason apart from the silver jubilee celebrations. It has been announced that a bronze statue of the lead pair, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will be made and unveiled at London’s Leicester Square on the occasion of it completed 25 years.

8. You don’t care about what people say about your madness…


Although most people around you would either be with you in this madness or would understand you, and for those who don’t, you simply don’t care about what they say. This should be the case with everything in life, but somehow, you are way too sure of your love for the movie and gives you immense confidence to not budge from your stand.

9. You feel proud to be a part of this World where DDLJ fans unite

Whether you get together with a few cousins or friends to watch the movie or get interactive with fan pages and groups on social media, you feel like being part of something really important and that always makes you happy.

10. Now, you will watch the movie or any part of it…


After, all the nostalgia that has been felt by you while reading this post, you are either going to watch the entire movie, because why not, right! Or you may even listen to your favorite songs, but something will definitely play. I know, I will watch it!

I hope you could relate to most of the points here if not all, and if you did, know that we are happy to connect with you through our words. Congratulations on being a top-notch fan of DDLJ, if your score is 10/10. A big high-five from our side.



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