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The camera is such a device that touches the lives of people without technically even touching them. But when the moments get captured through those lenses, we get a memory which can now be treasured for forever. Even if a person is not a professional photographer, he/she loves to take pictures of everything they love. Such is the connection between the fondness for using a camera and wanting to create memories through it. So, we can quite conveniently say that if one loves to click pictures, they can actually never have a dull moment in their life. And more so for a professional, who is either taking a picture or thinking about the best angles through which he can take the picture and much more.

Today, we all have cameras in our phones and we never miss any chance whatsoever to capture anything that catches our fancy. Here we are going to tell you exactly why do we all love the camera so much.

1. It lets us capture the beautiful moments of our life


No moment beautiful enough that crosses through the path of our life should ever get erased from our hearts. And for this purpose, a camera is the best thing that you can use. Freezing the moment at that time makes it a timeless entity.

2. It creates memories


By capturing our favorite times in the camera, we all basically try to create memories which can last a lifetime. And this is especially true for major events of our lives.

3.It helps people connect


Meeting new people in new places and connecting with them becomes easier if we take pictures with them. There is certain level of closeness that one feels if they share space in a frame.

4.It helps in story-telling


“A picture is worth a thousand words,” especially so if we are trying to tell a story. No amount of words can explain the true essence of a scene better than a photograph.

5. It lets you be an artist


Those of us who are pros at this know it very well in our hearts that photography is an art, we are the artists who picture an image first in our minds and then capture it perfectly.

6. It makes us smile


The most common reaction of people when they see or face a camera is to smile, for they know that this moment is going to be captured for an eternity, and there is nothing better than looking at yourself in a happy space even after many years have passed by.

7. It lets us travel the world over and over again


We may travel to a place only once, but when we gather the moments we spend at that place in our camera, we will always have the opportunity to re-visit that place in that image, and also in memories.

Do we ever think that a camera does so much for us? No, we actually don’t because we have become sort of habitual of simply clicking and clicking. But think about it, if there was no camera, then none of it would ever have been possible. So, today on Camera Day, let us all thank our beloved cameras for being there to make our lives beautiful and memorable.

Feature Image: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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