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Mothers, by nature are best creations of God, and so is Mother Nature!

Whenever we try to seek solace by placing our heads and hearts in the laps of Mother Nature, we always get what we want. At least, I believe so, because the stresses of today’s life create problems at so many levels that we are mostly left wondering what to do, and where to go to find a few moments of peace. Exactly, that is when Mother Nature calls you out and when you go there, and just soak in every moment you get by being surrounded by natural elements, you feel the life is not so much problematic after all.

I don’t know about others, but I feel a calmness permeate through my being whenever I surrender myself to the beautiful natural elements. Recently, I woke up one morning with a strong urge to go out, and not to the mall or to a restaurant or for a movie, but someplace where I could simply rest, in the laps of nature, but could not really think about a place at that time. The day was going by just like that, and then even my brother said that he wanted to go to someplace quite. And then it struck me, that we could go to a park some 10 kms away from our house; we had been there some 9 months back, and even though we had planned to go there almost every weekend, we could actually never get back there.

So, that day we did go to that park, along with our mom, and the moment we entered the park, we felt a nostalgic rush awaken our senses and we thought we would go to our most special corner. That corner was actually a little tree house of sorts, which had two stories of sitting areas, and obviously as we do get childish while listening to our hearts, me and my brother decided we would go to the upper deck and have tea, which we had got from our home.

Here we were, sitting in one of the greenest parts of the city, in a corner where the noise of the traffic got replaced by the chirping of the birds, where the smoggy air cleared away because of the abundance of tress, where the smell of the flowers reached our senses instead of the smell of the smoke from cars.

During the time that I spent there, I felt so many negative energies going away from me. As I sat there, at times, warming my eyes with the fresh green leaves and colourful flowers, at times, smelling the fresh cold air emanating from the trees around, at time, listening to the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds, I actually forgot many problems of life.

Beauty of Mother Nature

Most of us try to rush to the outskirts of the city and even to other far away places to seek the natural solace, but don’t you think, we all should have a corner near our houses, where we can go at any time and can actually reach sooner than driving or flying to the other faraway places. Well, I certainly think so, and this place that I have been talking about is my ‘SOLACE SEEKING CORNER’,  and even though I am not a professional camera person, I thought I should share some of the beauty of this place with you all. So, sorry for not such great photography that you are about to see, but I just could not stop myself from sharing this with you all.

These were some of the beautiful sights that were a delight to our sore eyes. Having been able to capture them in my memories and also the memory card, has made me love Mother Nature even more, and I really hope you also find such a corner near your place, so that whenever you feel a little down in life, you can go seek some moments which give you the beautiful gift of a peaceful state of mind.

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