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The little ones have a such a great capacity to be adorable and lovable, that at times they leave us all stunned with all that cuteness. And the way they create bonds with others is also something that makes them supercute. Something like this is happening in Michigan City, Mississippi, where a 2-year-old girl has created an inseparable bond with the baby of a cow. Yes, this has happened, and moreover happening as we tell you all about this beautiful bond.

Kinley Gray is that loving little girl who has befriended a calf, whose mother had died. The story between these best friends is such that it will warm your hearts for sure.

Lacey Gray/Delta Rose Photography

Kinley’s mother, Lacey Gray is a professional photographer, who had been wanting to do a photo-shoot with a calf involved in it. To make this vision a reality, she contacted her husband’s uncle, who owns cows and asked whether she could get a calf for the shoot. But, he laughed really hard, and said that all this didn’t work so easily in the world of cows, and elaborated that Lacey could not borrow a calf without the mom of the baby going crazy.

Lacey understood and then simply moved on, but she didn’t know that she would get a calf soon. The next morning, their Uncle called, and Lacey said that his tone was very serious, and she could make out that something really bad had happened. He asked whether she still wanted a calf; he told her that the mother of this particular calf fell down and that she would die. He said, “I’m calling you to see if you want this baby, but you have to bottle-feed it several times a day.”

Lacey Gray/Delta Rose Photography

Without any hesitation, Lacey said yes. They brought her that night, when she was just 3 days old. The calf was in the laundry room, and the next thing that happened is what was to become the starting point of the bond between Kinley and Molly, the baby cow. Kinley ran into the laundry room and started kissing her. Since then, Kinley has been getting books to Molly, reads them to her and whenever Molly needs to walked down the yard, Kinley prefers to do it herself. It has been only two weeks, and the relationship between the two is so special that Lacey says, that they are so cute that her heart cannot handle all of that love.

The two-year-old always wants to be around Molly and cries whenever she has to go away from her. Lacey told ABC News, “She kisses her ears. She likes to kiss both of her ears instead of just one. She’ll lift Molly’s face up to kiss her on the nose. Kinley will sit down with her and not let our dogs come near her. She wants her all to herself. She wants to feed her all by herself. It’s really sweet.” Check out the adorable video in which Kinley is seen loving Molly with all her heart.

Eventually, the photo-shoot also happened and it is so adorable that we melted at the sight of these two.

Lacey Gray/Delta Rose Photography

Even Lacey was almost in tears while shooting those precious moments between her daughter and the calf. Lacey said that the way they are with each other feels like Molly knows that they are now her family. She hopes that she can see Molly and Kinley grow all through Kinley’s childhood.

Lacey Gray/Delta Rose Photography

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