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If you are someone who loves your latte, then the surprise that we have for you is going to blow your mind in the sweetest and cutest way possible. I myself am a latte lover and when I saw this Instagram account by the name periperipeng, I was almost melting by watching dancing animals on coffee.

Daphne Tan is an amazingly talented Instagrammer and Health Blogger who creates 3D latte art, and makes the coffee so cute that one has to think hard before they can savor it.

Although most of the lattes have animals on top as froth, but Daphne also makes some colorfully beautiful designs which are as much of a delight to the eyes as are her wiggly jiggly frothy animals on coffee.

3D Latte Art is becoming fabulously intricate and attractive by the day, leaving us coffee lovers almost always in a dilemma as to whether we should just keep looking at the designs on the froth or try and take a sip from the fascinating cuppa in front of us. This level has been taken to breathtakingly cute levels by Daphne, who not only creates designs that we see and adore, but also makes it possible for us make the animals do a wiggly dance. Watching the adorable octopuses and cute cats get all jiggly in a coffee cup is so much fun that we are not sure how many people even decide to take that animal anywhere near their mouth. 😉

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Creating this latte art is not at all an easy task, and each design takes great amount of precision and focus to be made into what is looks like when finished. These lattes are carefully put together by the usage of soy milk and a Nespresso frother, which are used to create the base designs. Daphne then uses natural food dyes for the coloring part and Carob powder to draw those adorable faces on the froth.
Take a look at the following video to get a clue as to how these animals are created.

The 10min process shortened to one!

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I am pretty sure you would love to see some more of her amazing creations, so let us share some of our favorites here.

It's a lazy saturday – so lazy that I forgot to give snoopy a nose☹️

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dear instagram, please allow unsquared multiple photos/videos?

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MERRY CHRISTMAS☃️☃️ ALSO back at it again with #kawaiiwithperi

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For more wonderment, check out her Instagram feed and to know more about the entire process and some great recipes, visit her website-

We for sure are totally in awe of this 3D latte art and if you also fell in love with those cuties, then please share the happiness with your loved ones.

Feature Image Source: Instagram/Periperipeng

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