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When was the last time you danced like no one is watching? When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably? When was the last time you made-up with a friend you were fighting with, after 10 minutes of the fight? Well, I would take the liberty of assuming that all this happened during your childhood. You were free-spirited, without any fear of judgments and simply wanted to play and have fun in your life. Those indeed are the golden days in anyone’s life.

But, come to think of it, can’t you live like this now? Surely, we have many responsibilities as adults, and you may say who has time to be childish? And exactly, these kind of thoughts bury our inner child somewhere deep inside us.

We grow up and with that, we feel the need to be serious all the time, feeling that acting childish is being stupid. But, this is where we go wrong, because if you kill the inner child in you, you actually stop yourself from being able to live a fulfilling and fun life. The kid was you; it was the most fun part of you. How can you kill that part and expect that your life will be complete?

I am not saying that you shun all your seriousness and maturity, all I want to convey is that we should keep our inner child alive and let it play out once in a while, because that kid in us will give us the ways to be away from the stress; it will make you loosen up and that is certainly needed when we grow up.

Frankly, our inner child is an asset to our adult life, for we can learn so much from it. Take a look at what all the kid in us can teach us:

1. To have fun
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Children do not need fancy cars and expensive gadgets and spunky places to have fun. They are content with whatever they can lay their hands on, be it a stick or a ball or a stone! It is basically their desire to have some fun time that makes them loosen up like anything. Do you take out time to be playful in your life? If no, then please do yourself a favor, and engage in anything that makes you feel playful at heart. Trust me, this will help in reducing a great amount of stress.

2. To forgive quickly

Children are soft-hearted beings who do not really know how and why to keep grudges in life. Even if they fight with their siblings and friends, they make up as quickly as they fought in the first place. And then they are as amazing together, as before. We all should learn this art of forgiving from children. Keeping hatred in your heart only hurts you, forgive anyone and everyone and move on.

3. To be free from judgments
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Neither are children afraid of being judged nor do they judge anyone. They are what they are; pure, non-judgmental and unbiased. They do anything that comes in their heart and never judge another person for being a certain way.

4. To create freely

This is somewhat in relation to the previous point. Children take up any activity and just give their heart into it, without thinking how will people react to it. We adults think that everything should be perfect and in this pursuit of being a perfectionist, we often leave the things we are not good at, thinking, ‘what would people say?’ Do you ever see a child leave his coloring book because he colored out of the given shapes? No, right? They simply create whatever they feel like, they are not afraid of being judged, and just do it the way they like.


Children are born to not quit! We were born to not quit. Did we learn to walk and talk in a day? Did we not fall like a hundred times before we learnt everything we now know? We did! So, why do we adults feel the need to quit so easily when we grow up. We have a fight in a relationship, we quit! Our boss rejects our projects, we think of quitting! You need to awaken your inner child, who will never let you quit in life; especially when it is related to the most important things of life, like your relationships or your dreams and ambitions.

6. To be curious

America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims, William Arthur Ward had once said,

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.”

You cannot learn anything new if you are not curious, and if you cannot learn anything new, you cannot progress in life. As adults, we tend to feel that we know enough and our curiosity kind of dies, or we feel ashamed to be asking questions. Whatever may be the reason, killing curiosity does no good to you!  Be like the kids, who are always ready to know more and learn more!

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A child knows all this and much more and hence they live a fun and fulfilling life. Try to learn this either from a child around you, or simply look into yourself; you inner child is ready to be alive and rock your world with happiness if you allow it to.
Let it come out and play, then see the difference in your life!

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