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In a world where you can be anybody, first of all, be KIND!

We all have read or heard words like these and when we do apply this in our life we get to see the true magic of kindness. Being kind to someone actually benefits both the giver and the receiver, such is the power of this quality which we would like to call as a Superhuman quality. That’s right, you can actually become a Superhuman for someone you show your kindness to, but there might be a problem if you do it with this supposed purpose quite purposefully. What I mean to say by this is that when we unconditionally show an act of kindness to a fellow human being, that is when we are looked up as a Superhuman of sorts.

A kind soul is what the world today needs the most. And if all the people of this planet become kind and compassionate towards each other, the face of the world would become so beautiful that even the heavens will shower praises. Philosophical all this sounds, I know but if for a moment we can think of such a scenario, then imagine how peaceful our world would be. The act that makes hearts come closer, that breaks the barriers of all differences among people, that makes us all humane, that makes our soul shine is that random act of kindness some amazing people show, thereby restoring our faith in humanity, overall.

Kindness towards self

kindness towards self
Image Source: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Another interesting aspect of practicing this quality is actually seeing yourself with the same level of kindness that we see others with. If we are mean to ourselves, pick upon ourselves for the smallest of issues, then we cannot be truly kind to another. It’s something on the lines of the concept that if you do not know how to love oneself, then you cannot truly love someone else. And it makes sense as well, don’t you think so? If we are to be kind to others, then why should we not start with ourselves and our loved ones and then, of course, the world at large.

What all can you do to be kind to yourself?

Being kind towards oneself entails that one should always have unconditional love towards himself or herself. Unconditional love is at the core of kindness, whether it be towards your own self or towards others. Treating yourself with kindness gives you the understanding that you along with others deserve to have a fair chance at everything in life. But, this concept of kindness towards yourself should never be taken as a means to just not take into consideration the needs and the rights of others. In fact, it should facilitate you to understand that when you are good with yourself, then it makes it easy to be good to others because you know what all compassion, kindness and integrity can do for you. If you want some examples of such behaviours, then here they are:

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, instead of nitpicking on all the things you don’t like, count the ones you like and be grateful for those.

2. Motivate yourself to do your best, but if for any reason you are unable to perform, then don’t go on to punish yourself for that. Learn from that lesson and make a commitment to yourself that you will be better the next time.

3. Give yourself a pat on the back or maybe even a gift or a treat when you accomplish one of your goals.

4. Donate the things that you are not using now. You may be thinking that this is actually something which is done for someone else, so how does it come as kindness towards yourself. Well, when you declutter your environment and find stuff you don’t need now, you actually make space for new things to enter into your life. So, technically you do good for yourself and for someone who needed those things more than you did. Double win, here!

5. This one goes without saying, Loving yourself for who you are and also striving to be better, but without being harsh on yourself.

Spreading the love and kindness all around

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When you truly understand the power of kindness, especially after feeling its effects on your life, you will actually be more willing and interesting in being kind to others. The human soul is actually made for love in its purest form, and when we go about living life in the most authentic version of ourselves, we tend to be compassionate, without even trying to. I can actually say this by my own experiences as well. There was a time when I did not love myself and so the world even seemed cruel and I did not have much interest in helping someone out when they did not ask for it. But, now I understand the concept of self-love and magically enough, the world looks beautiful to me. I see people helping others, I myself help people, without them even asking for it, and when I see that smile on their faces, that makes my day, ALWAYS!

How to be kind to others?

Well, this one of a no-brainer for all the good people out there. But still, we would like to give some basic examples that you can follow, to be kind in this world:

1. The simplest one, smile genuinely towards people. You may just need to take care that the smile doesn’t creep someone out, other than that, all is good. This one is actually simplest to be used around kids, they literally love people smiling at them and also give the most amazing smiles back at ya.

2. If you see someone struggling in doing something, try to offer a helping hand. The struggle may actually be a real one and your help will be the best for them.

3. If you notice that someone is being treated badly, and you are in power to take that person out of that situation, with all your heart try to do that.

4. Greeting people with a smile and saying thank you for their services and help makes them feel valued. This one is especially applicable to the people who give us services, like guards, waiters, janitors. When we acknowledge their efforts with a smile, they really feel special.

5. Listen to people when they are trying to tell you about their problems. When people do that, most of the times they are not looking for solutions per se, they just need a listening ear and if you can become that, they feel light.

These are just a few examples of how we can be kind to others. There are tons of videos out there on the internet where people have randomly shown acts of kindness in the most special and simplest of ways.

Image Source: Photo by tear cordez from Pexels

If we see around us, we will easily find ways in which you can be kind to someone, or see others be kind to other people. It all just goes down to the simple fact that if you have a pure soul, you will be kind to others without putting the efforts even. And the most special part about this quality is that the more you practice, the happier your soul becomes. All the happiness and kindness just spread like a virus and this one actually makes life beautiful for all.

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