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There is this one tradition that we have been following at Smile To Shine since I first wrote an article on this website in the month of March. Every month from there on, I have been writing wishes for a new month for all the viewers of the social media pages of the website. Over the months, this habit has become the most motivating thing that happens to us as we keep creating the best of wishes for our readers so that they too feel that their months start on a happy note. Now, that we have come to the doorsteps of December, I tried to write this poem for everyone to feel joyous about the festive season. I hope this brings the much-needed motivation for all of us:

Wow! How thoughtful of November
To give space for December,
That month of candles and bells
And heavenly scents that everyone smells.

Who does not know what this month is?
Who does not know that it’s the month of bliss?
The month of light and rebirth;
The month of delight on Earth!

This is the end of the year with all its fun,
When most of the planning and toiling is done
To bring all wanderers home to the nest,
For them to sit down with the ones they love best.

Good citizens of the world,
Now chiefly be glad,
For that great banner of Christmas will be unfurled,
And things handsome to have, as they ought to be had.

Come 24th night, when you’ll be singing, just the same as I,
Those familiar songs we know so well,
You will see some stars in the sky;
Just wish upon the brightest one that fell
And believe me, all will be well!

Life is a sweet thing
Especially in December;
So don’t ever bring
Your bad memories into it, even those easiest to remember.

A man who once did,
Sighed and groaned, but his voice weak,
He was so ashamed that he could not even speak,
Knowing fully well that he had been a fool,
To think of breaking the December rule;
As he made up his mind to a joyless fate,
He couldn’t be helped because it had been too late!

I hope you learn from his story
And at last, won’t be sorry
For it’ll be..

Image Source: Pixabay

And just in case you are in the mood for reading this poem with some jolly-good Christmas background music accompanying the words, then you are welcome to see the video below.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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