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What is that one thing that you do in which people can join you just instantly, regardless of whether you know them or not? LAUGHING… the one expression which is considered as the best medicine; it is something which works amazingly to give you some moments that may always remain with you. But one question here, do you also have the ability to laugh at yourself?

Well, if you do, then we say it’s great thing, because if laughing is a medicine, then laughing at yourself is a wonder drug of sorts which makes you become a person who can endure and embrace the ups and downs of life. To help you out better, we are going to tell you why is laughing at yourself so great. Brace yourselves buddies, for you are going to discover the wonders of the wonder drug:

1. People who can laugh at their own self, have a high level of resiliency and are in fact mentally tough.

2. They are content with their life, because they have learnt to acknowledge, accept and celebrate the fact that nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and it is so much better to just accept those, rather to whine about it all the time and be a crybaby.

3. Almost everyone who knows how to laugh at himself/herself has one thing common- they have an optimistic personality and they definitely rock at being away from all the negativity people have to offer.

4. Even science has confirmed that people who laugh at themselves tend to live happily and have a healthy life.

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5. The strength and the endurance that they gather over years, makes them so confident about their lives that seriously no body can get them down, unless of course they cannot control their laughter and hit their head in the bed.

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6. Even our ancestors knew about the fabulous effects of laughing at themselves. Really, so much fun we can have if we just have the first laugh, then nobody gets to make a joke out of us.

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6. And let’s not forget, people who laugh at themselves actually look very cute.

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When we can get the chance to have fun by ourselves, why do we need to spend hours on the internet to find that perfect video which makes us burst out in laughter! We know we are funny and this makes us confident in being ourselves. And as Mickey Mouse said,

“To Laugh At Yourself Is To Love Yourself.”

So, what are you waiting for, laugh at yourself and be the first person you get to love and enjoy and always have fun with!

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