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We all have grown up learning so many important lessons from our teachers and for those crucial lessons, we will always be grateful to them.

Apart from all our lovely teachers who have made us what we are today, the biggest of them has been LIFE. I would not say that this should be true for everyone of you, but for myself I take up this call and today on Teacher’s Day I am thankful for all the lessons life has taught me till now, whether through my own experiences of through the experiences of other people near and even far away from me. And through all the lessons that life gives us, we get to know that we can be the best of students if we live the way life wants us to. By living with the flow and attending to the calls of the universe, we let life take a course which it deems important for us, and the surprise element of each turn makes us want to live life with more vigor.

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Obviously, I am in no position to say that you should also be feeling this way, but the least I can do and would certainly want to do from the bottom of my heart is that I would like to tell my readers what I feel about Life being the biggest teacher.

The tests to cross over from difficult times are given to everyone; to some quite early on, while for some, those tests come later in life during various other phases. But trials and tribulations are a part of everyone’s life, even if you may think otherwise. I have this belief that life will take us through many twists and turns and maybe even to some deadly points, but if you are lucky enough to survive that point and come out of it, then my friend I can assure you that the lesson that you learnt from that point or phase in your life is going to be with you forever. And that is how the learnings from life make us grow through each bumpy road.

The saddest part in the course of life is when people give up during difficult times, and then they curse their destiny the entire life, but think about it, every storm gets over one day or the other, every night sees the light of the day, so why do we even think that our tough times won’t ever end? Why do we stop fighting? Surely, we do feel low at times, and need to cry a bit or even a lot, but after that we need to get up. And it is when we realize that we are our own warriors and it is us who have to fight it out, we get the courage to face every challenge that life throws at us. That is when even life looks up to us and smiles at us.

life as teacher teaching us to smile
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We all have heard of so many inspirational stories of famous people and how so many of them faced failures, and tough times and then life started shining brightly on them. In all of these stories of such people, you must have noticed one thing, that they had never QUIT. They took every storm as it smothered them with only tough times, but they endured and when the storm passed over, they came out victorious. It is from the life of these people apart from our own life stories that we get to know that like a teacher, life will also throws some exams and surprise tests here and there, but we have to be strong and take all that the teacher gives us, and at the end it will only be us who will have learnt the most crucial lessons needed to not just survive in the course of life, but to come out as toppers and shine brightly for others to follow suit.

At the end I will only say-

“Thank You Life”

for everything. Yes, for all the smiles and even the difficult times. You have done an amazing job till now and I am sure each lesson will be worth it at the end. 🙂

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