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How often do you look for words to motivate yourself? Well, as a writer, I would at least say that I look out for words; either spoken or written to feel inspired at times and obviously I do get my dose of motivation from quotes on Facebook and memes from Tumblr, and what not for that matter!

But one of my favorite ones are those quotes which have only a few words. Those few beads of the string have the ability to stir some real and raw emotions inside us, without really giving out much; and letting the readers decide what they want to decipher from that quote. And when these quotes give out some important life lessons, they tend to get imprinted on our minds and hearts, and we don’t just remember them, but also live by those few words. Even our actions start getting their inspiration from our favorite quotes.

Having thought of this, I asked some of my friends at some social media groups to tell me their favorite quotes, which should only have maximum 5 words. The following are the ones that I liked the most as they give us some serious life lessons in just a few words. Check out those quotes below:

Although, we at Smile To Shine believe in every message that we have published here in these posters, but this one by Charity Draper saying, “Love Yourself”, is something we all believe in with all our hearts. The difficulty in doing so comes through the many challenges that we face in our life, but when we fall in love with ourselves, we tend to change the course of everything in our life. And that in itself becomes the most beautiful part of our journey.

Life lessons are some solid pieces of wisdom which people learn mostly by living those times, rather than just going through some random quotes. We all in our hearts get attracted to those specific words which in some way or the other tell our stories, thoughts and beliefs. My personal favorite is the idiom- ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE,’ and I truly go by what it says.

Which of the above mentioned quotes or any other for that matter, motivate you? Tell us in the comments section below and make the world a little more knowledgeable through your wisdom.

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