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Which is the purest form of love in living beings? Which is the love which connects people so beautifully that no other relationship can ever match to the special bond?

The love that exists between a mother and her child, is the one that surpasses the purity of any other kind of love. And today, we have for you a very special video which shows this love in its pristine form. But first, just look at these moony eyes of the baby for her mother, and just by looking at this picture you can feel how special this bond is.

Image Source: ViralHog/YouTube

The video shows a baby tightly held close to her mother and the mother is seen singing a song, which is being believed to be in Portuguese language. Though the source of the video has not been confirmed as of yet, but YouTube Channel, ViralHog, which has put up this video has written in the description that this video occurred on June 1, 2017 from Coimbra, Portugal.

We say if the world wants to see the sight of pure love in someone’s eyes, then simply look at this baby girl looking at her mother. Comfortably placed in front of her mother, the little one just stares at the face of her mom, having her small hands perched on her cheeks, with a mesmerized gaze which speaks nothing but love. She watches and hears her love song from the mother with shiny eyes which rarely blink. Few seconds into the video, and we see the mother kissing her angel, to which the baby gives the sweetest smile ever.

The video was uploaded on the Facebook Page of ViralHog on 8th June and since then it has had 297,239 views. People are simply in love with the look of love on this baby girl. Some are in awe of the cute baby, some want to know about the song, some are remembering their times with their children or grandchildren and some are just happy to see such pure love.

We surely fell in love with those eyes, how about you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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