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To all the Single Ladies and Gentlemen of the World,

Let’s make one thing clear right at the beginning that you are certainly not lacking ‘A THING’ if you don’t have a date or a solid love life today and around the entire love season of the year. Yes, the world around you may make you feel otherwise, but let’s not get carried away here. Of course, Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate the love in your life and those who do have that, we wish them all the happiness. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be happy. Without making a mockery of the special day in order to support my single friends here, I would like to put out a simple argument, which, if you take into consideration, might help you in finding some light today and beyond. And if I am able to do that for even a single one of you, my job here is done.

Finding that most special kind of love

Image Source: Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

You may ask, where exactly can we find this love. Well, the sad truth is that you will actually look for it all over the place and will only find it in that one place where you never intended for it to be found. INSIDE YOU! However, philosophical it may sound, but that’s a fact. The one person who is always going to be by your side, who is always going to take care of everything you need is, YOU!!

Obviously, I don’t mean to say that having a partner is not going to make you happy. S/He will do their best in being your lover, but they can only do so much. You will have to find wholeness in your being first, and then they will be there to complement your existence, most certainly not to complete it. The rush to find love has become such a big competition that people actually lose themselves, and after that disaster has happened, that is when they go on that journey to find themselves, only to realize that the love they were looking for in every other person was in themselves all along. And when they find it, they are in for a blessing that extends to a lifetime, and ironically enough, that is also when they find their true partner in every sense of the term, their soulmate, if I may use this word.

The Journey of a lifetime

love for oneself
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The journey towards yourself, where you discover and then rediscover and then the cycle keeps continuing is the most amazing one of all. I can tell you this because I have been on this one for many years and I keep thinking, ‘Yes, I’ve found myself’, only to find out that so much more is still left to be understood. But, one thing I can say with a guarantee is that you would never want to quit this journey even if it seems the most perilous one at so many junctures.

You don’t have to leave your world to go find yourself, you don’t have to renounce any of the worldly pleasures, or do anything extraordinary to set out on that path, but can do so if you want. That is the whole point here, there is no right or wrong way to do it, the only way is the one you take up. And that is different for every person, and that is the precise reason why I can’t spell out how to do it. What I can tell is that you simply keep doing what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel like everything is amazing around you. The things which make you truly happy are the ones which will help you find who you are. Your feelings and emotions while doing something act like a GPS, telling you the right way to be YOU. Just be on the good side of the law is a cautionary statement I would like to put here.

Finding, accepting and loving yourself

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For exactly who you are is self-love. This phrase is all around you and if you don’t understand it, you may have made a few jokes about it as well. Nothing wrong in that, but there comes a time when all you need is self-love and being single on Valentine’s Day is one such moment. I get it, you feel the angst of being alone and all that, but is it not better to find some love in our lives, even if we find it in the mirror than getting envious by looking at each couple that you encounter anywhere. We can only get what we project out in the world; if it is jealousy and other such negative feelings, you will get exactly those, and if you feel positive, you will get back precisely that. And self-love is a positive attitude to cultivate, one that comes with practice for sure, but the one thing that is a must in today’s world. Love yourself before the world makes you believe you are not worthy of being loved.

Start living and loving

Image Source: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

You may have heard or read it multiple times, that one cannot truly love another till the time they don’t love themselves. That is true!!

You start living your life once you love yourself and then every person that comes into your life is able to give and receive genuine love. In fact, people who are successful in their relationships as well, find that their level of happiness in their individual lives and their life as a couple is directly proportional to what they think and feel about themselves. So, single or committed, you have to be in love with yourself first, and only then can you truly enjoy your life. And if by any means, you realized it today that you need self-love in your life just because you were single, then I guess it’s still a decent thing to have happened. You see, not all is gloomy when you are determined to find a way to live a happy life.

Cheers, to finding the perfect day to feel the best kind of love in your life, if you do it today, you have won, and if not, I really wish you find the courage to start with it someday. Much love to you all, and yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you… 🙂

Featured Image Source: Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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