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In some parts of the world, Valentine’s Day has ended, while in some, it is going to end, but what I want to share with you all is the happiness I felt for the first time on Valentine’s Day. No, I did not go on a date, and I am still single (and certainly quite happy about it). I am talking of the kind of love that I saw people spreading on this day of love.

The cynics and most importantly singles always feel bad on this day; some for thinking that Valentine’s Day is nothing but crass commercialisation and some for feeling lonely, but this time I saw so many people feeling love of every type, from every relationship and the fact that they were happy with that made this Valentine’s Day really awesome I would say.

I’ll start by telling about myself; I may have been single and technically without a date, but all day long I have felt love being all around me. Right from helping mom in cooking food, to receiving a message about the importance of loving everyone from my 14-year-old baby cousin, to proposing my nephew for I fell in love with his eyes, which I recently saw in one of the pictures his mother uploaded on Whatsapp. Basically I had some of the most special people of my life around me, making me happy and giving me the chance to do that for them also.

This was the picture I was talking about. His mother, my cousin sister, had uploaded this picture yesterday, and I instantly messaged her that I love his eyes, and then maybe because there is love all around, I joked about how she should let him be my Valentine, and she replied by saying, “Okay done, propose to him tomorrow.” And guess what, I did and with a rose, and got my date in this cute little man. I know all of this sounds kiddish and all, but the basic thing is that we all should simply grab love from all the corners and never sulk because we are single. I tried it this time, and seriously I enjoyed my day. This was what happened to me, and by no means my account of different kinds of love ends here. My Facebook feed was flooded with singles enjoying their day either with their friends, brothers, parents and even dogs. And yes, all of them clearly wrote, that this is their way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

This year, I saw the least number of people who cry all day long sulking that they are single, instead everybody just accepted their single status, and found relationships that could become their excuse for celebrating the day of love.

Love truly is the purest emotion, and when people understand that love is not just holding hands of that one special person, but can also be felt in every other relationship that we share with other people, that is the time I feel a person matures to the level of being someone who has the capacity to make others happy. Happiness is what everyone seeks, and one of the easiest and the best ways to feel happiness is to feel and spread love.

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Love really is everywhere around us, all we need to do is look out for it.

Love is your mom telling you that you are looking great today,
Love is your grandma smiling the moment she sees you,
Love is when your younger brother becomes protective about you and scolds you for being careless with your heart,
Love is your best friend cursing your ex and threatening to kill you if you so much as even think about reuniting with him,
Love is when your dog watching you with gleaming eyes, 
Love is your child sleeping in your arms, 
Love is when you push all your limits to become a better person, 
Love is basically that every moment in which you smile and make someone else smile.

Well, this is what I think about love, and I know this is not the completeness of love, I still have a lot to see and feel, but this Valentine’s Day gave me the best moments, and for that I will forever be grateful to my heart which opened itself to feel love from all corners.

What is your take on ‘LOVE’? Please do tell, I would really like to know some more things about this magical emotion.


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