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Whenever we take out some moments to count our blessings, we not only try to reinforce our minds to see the positive things that we have in our life, but we also improve our life in general. There have been studies which suggest that if we nurture our tendency to practice gratitude, we can feel more positive emotions, have a better health, enjoy stronger relationships and experience greater satisfaction from our lives.

When practicing gratitude gives us such great benefits, then it only makes sense that we do everything in our capacity to be more grateful; and one of the best and actually the easiest ways to see how blessed you indeed are in your life, is to maintain a gratitude journal.

While to some, it may seem like a tedious task to take out time from their busy schedules and write about things they are grateful for, each day; to some it has now become a habit and they are grateful that they maintain their gratitude journals.

Different people may say different things about its effects and ways through which you could make the most out of a gratitude journal, but the truth is that for everyone, the ways and impacts are different. And so, we may give you a few tips on how you can make the most out of your gratitude journal, it will be you and only you who will be able to decide what that journal may mean to you in your life. So here we go:

1. Consciously decide to be grateful and happy

You know, you can only be happy in your life if you decide to be happy. And to be happy, you will have to learn the art of being grateful. If only you make up your mind, that you will start seeing the positive things that you have in your life, will you be able to actually see them, otherwise life can just vanish before you take in the beauty of it.

2. Set your own time

They say you may write about your blessings either when you start your day or when you end your day, but that’s really not a necessity. You may even decide to write about a certain event just after it gets finished because you do not want to miss out on the description you can give to happiness you are experiencing at that specific time. Basically, you can choose what time is best for you to count your blessings of the day.

3. Write as many things as you want

Some websites may tell you that you start writing three things you are grateful for, for a start. But again, it has to be your discretion and decision, because at times you may not have more than a single thing to write down, or at times you may even have so much that fill pages with it.

4. Detailing is good
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Again, you may have read somewhere that you simply may write a line or so, but that may not work as beautifully as details would work. For example you may be grateful to have a loving mother, but if you write that your mom cooked your favorite dish just to make you smile after you lost a match, you will be able to recount the memories of that beautiful moment years from now, when that defeat may not matter, but the love of your mother would.

5. Make sure to include the surprises

Things that we encounter daily, may make things a little monotonous. So, whenever, your life surprises you with something, then make sure you include it in your gratitude journal.

6. People are more important than things

Obviously you may feel happy when you get your first car, but the fact that you took your wife on long drive in that car and reached a place where you spent a beautiful evening seeing the Sun set, may have more value down the years, when your car may become old, but your relationship may be stronger than before, because of all such beautiful moments.

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Being grateful in life is more about wanting to have a positive outlook in life than just counting the blessings. When it becomes a habit, you start appreciating the beauty of it life, as it is, and not take the special moments for granted. Is it not what Thanksgiving is all about? So, what are you waiting for? If, you are thankful for your blessings of today, try to make it a habit so that you are always as happy and grateful for the goodness of life, as today.

Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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  1. Well put! I think point #3 is especially important because with such limits you can create unneccessary pressure on yourself. I would also add that giving yourself some kind of reward, whether it’s a cup of tea, piece of chocolate or whatever, can be very helpful when you’re trying to form new daily habits.

    • Thank You so much dear! And yes, I totally agree with your point, looking forward to a self-rewarding moment can give us so much motivation. Well, actually you gave me a good point to work upon. I will soon try and put up something in relation to the self-rewarding system. Thanks again. 🙂 <3

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