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Coming to this Earth as a girl feels like a blessing, for sure! We know we are the ones that in the most basic terms take life forward. And that is just one aspect of how this World is changed for the better when a girl is born. Yet, the number of injustices and prejudices against the females have been the reason why we have been fighting a battle, that should never have been in existence.

I am not going to say what the World already knows; that the women deserve better, in any and every way. Rather, I would simply urge my dear readers to try and make the girls around them realize that they need to believe in themselves. Now, if you are a girl who is reading this, these messages are directed at you. And if you are a man, you can take these to work on the women and girls in your life.

The life of a girl…

From the time, she can frame scenarios and give meaning to them, a girl in so many parts of the World is made to feel like she was someone who was not that welcome. If at all, that was fine and the family celebrated, the society at large brought out biases all through her upbringing.

“Oh, she is a girl, she is weak!”

“Pink has to be her favorite color.”

” Why are you shouting, it’s so unlady-like?”

And what not!!

Even before she realizes that she is here for great tasks and to live an awesome life, her dreams are categorized as not so important. I am not saying that things are all bad, but these are the things most of us women, have faced at least once in our lifetime.

The mind of that little girl believes all this, and she starts growing up to become this beautiful damsel, who when in distress will have to be saved by a Prince. But, we all know that that Princess is very much capable of doing anything if she sets her mind to it. What difference then does a mountain make or even the expanse of space travel. She just needs to believe.

The dream that doesn’t let her sleep, is the one she wants to pursue with all her heart. Her talents will become evident at quite a young age, and if those are polished over the years, she will reach sky-high success, more than that even!

Give that girl, what she deserves!

You know the girl in you or around you, and you know what she wants deep inside. And from you, she only wants that you support her. Most of the things will be taken care of, money and other resources will come, because when we truly want something, it is made available to us by the Universe, in ways we cannot even fathom. But the most important thing that a girl needs, is the mindset that she can or she cannot do something!

Image Source: Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

As a young girl, most of her life is shaped by the people around her, she takes as truth what others say. Even if you are an adult right now, most of the things you believe about yourself are what you learned in childhood, unless you have been working on that mindset to change those beliefs.

I am someone who is working on this currently. And trust me, digging those beliefs and finding that they are not even mine is not funny! It takes a lot of courage to face those demons and come out victorious when the battle is within our own mind. But all of it is totally worth it all! The life that then shapes up, is the one that is full of bliss because that is what is the soul’s true calling.

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child, and after coming to know of this, I went about my day, a Sunday to maybe chill. Started a meditation and by the end of it, a little poetess in me, started stringing some words, those took the form of this poem down below.

I felt good writing this, not much of a poetess I am. But, because it is one of those sweet dreams of a girl in me, I like to live with it, I like to play with it. Fear of judgments crush so many dreams, but that is not what I am going to do now. And possibly this is the reason why I even decided to write this blog post. None of it was planned and has just come out blatantly, that’s why even, not that great of a structure. But, when some things worth saying are ought to be said, they should be said.

What can you do?

Please, let the girls live, let them dream, let them fly. Deep in their hearts, they only have love for the World, as is with each human as he is born. The unjust journey makes her bitter, she fights for what matters to her, she is not out there to destroy you, but only the systems that don’t let her live.

Give her a happy place, she will make it happier! Let that little girl grow to become the gem she is now. If you are reading to this point, you must be knowing what she needs to hear, say those words often. Let her become as strong as she needs to be so that when she flies to her dreams with that belief, she becomes the best that she can be.

And, to all the sweet pies, my only message in this blog post for you is:


Image Source: Image by Natalia Lavrinenko from Pixabay

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