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Diwali has such an amazingly happy vibe to it, that almost everybody feels the festivities for days. The preparations to celebrate this big day of the year starts early in households and workplaces, and when all of us sit for the Lakshmi Pujan on that day, we all are completely soaked in the festive vibe. We make sure that our loved ones are happy on this day, and this makes us happy. But, is that enough?

Diwali is the festival of love and happiness, and there is one specialty, common in both love and happiness; they increase when shared! Yes, you actually have the power to make so many other people happy on this day, that your happiness may not know any boundaries. If you could do any of the following things on Diwali, your day would become extra special:

1. Remembering the Soldiers
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Our Security Forces personnel stay away from their families so that we can have a happy and safe Diwali. They guard us in all circumstances, and we should be remembering them on this day. We have lost so many precious lives of our soldiers, and their families need our love and support. If we can take some time out, to give our heartiest wishes and love to the soldiers and the families of the martyrs, they will also feel that they their sacrifice is not going waste. We owe our lives and security to them, this is the least we can do.

2. Spreading happiness among the underprivileged


India as a nation is progressing, but this fact cannot be changed that even now there are so many people who are not able to enjoy a decent standard of living. But they also deserve happiness on Diwali. And if we can do some little amount of charity, then we can surely make their day.

Recently, I came across a Social Media post of a friend in which he had taken part in this special drive to spread happiness among the poor. When I talked to him about this, he told me that an organization named Youth Leaders of Noida, was behind this initiative. The Founder and members of this organization had gone to a slum area nearby, on 27th October to distribute clothes, sweets, candles and smiles to the poor. So, basically when we all were busy shopping for ourselves, the young guns of this organization were also shopping, but for the underprivileged. Just when the slum dwellers were starting their day, the members of this group reached them with all the gifts. The happiness on the faces of the receivers of those gifts was such that even the givers could feel it. My friend actually even said that you can’t imagine the happiness we felt when we saw the faces of the poor babies smiling at 6:30 in the morning. These people know the value of a smile coming from a child when he gets gifts unexpectedly. This Diwali they showed how we should spread happiness, and we certainly need to do more of such things to bring true happiness on festivals.

3. The Case of bursting CRACKERS!

Generally I would say that we should all say ‘NO’ to crackers. For me it is definitely a ‘NO’, but there are some people who would still want to burst crackers. For them, I would like to give a suggestion. You would in any case be bursting crackers, then why not do this with the underprivileged children. There are so many families which cannot afford crackers, but even they have small kids, and even they have some wishes, one of them- being able to see a fire cracker show. Why don’t you organize such a show for the underprivileged kids of your area if you are bursting crackers? Trust me, the smiles on their faces will be change the way you see happiness.

4. Taking care of the animals
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The pets and the street dogs and other animals on roads are actually scared of Diwali. They cannot say this, but does that mean that they don’t feel the noise and air pollution coming from the crackers. Please be responsible and don’t do anything which can harm the animals. They too need our love, not the madness that ensues when bombs get burst.

5. Distributing Extra Sweets
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Most of us love sweets, but on Diwali, we also reach to a saturation point very soon, because we get so many sweets from our friends and relatives. Now, obviously you are not going to have each mithai and some will be left and it will sadly be thrown away. If you think you have extra sweets at home, then why not just pack them up and distribute to the needy. Neither will you gain too much of weight, nor will your sweets be thrown away, in fact; you will get the blessings of those people.

6. Greeting the elders

Diwali is a very big day for us Indians, and there can never be a better way to start a day than to greet our elders, especially our grandparents. Touching their feet will give you endless love and blessings and their faces will be smiling all day long.

Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. We should also bring out the best in ourselves and be ready to spread happiness and love around us.

Happy Diwali Everybody… Please be safe and spread smiles.

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  1. Amazingly written , I am one of the founder members of Youth Leaders Of Noida and wish to convey that the feeling we got by celebrating Diwali with these undepreviliged but amazingly Beautiful people was unparallel !!!

    • Thank you so much. I would really like to Congratulate you guys for doing such an amazing thing and all the more for feeling such great happiness out of it. The world needs more people like you and all the members of YLN.