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There is certainly no certainty of life. We all have had occasions when we have celebrated the birth of someone and we have also mourned the death of someone.

For the 33-year-old Kristin Sampson, these two events came within a very short period of time. When she got to know that she is expecting her third child with her husband of three years, she told this to her mother, Geraldine Joyner Morgan, who was in the hospital at that time. The family had been thinking that she had pneumonia, but it ended up being cancer. When the family told her about it all, they thought that she would be back home after the treatment, but she had to undergo a surgery after her 69th birthday and after that, she passed away on 16th July.

Kristin’s daughter Kara Joy Sampson came into this world two months later, on 15th September. The family had lost a very important member, but they were blessed by this baby and it so happened that the day Kara was born, was her grandpa, Ernest Morgan’s birthday. Kristin said that her parents had been married for 45 years, and this was the first time that her father was without her mother, but Kara’s birth came as a blessing for the family and Mr. Morgan even celebrated his birthday.

Though Kara could not meet her grandma, but her life was still influenced by Mrs. Morgan from the very start. Kara’s name was given by her grandmother and even her middle name “Joy”, is the shorter version of her grandma’s maiden name. Mrs. Morgan was an educator in the Prince George’s County school system of Maryland for the past 20 years and she was very passionate about her work and also life. Even when she was going through her chemotherapy sessions, she helped in planning Kara’s baby shower and gave this name to her.

Sampson said that they wanted to take Mrs. Morgan’s mind off of chemo and wanted to lift her spirits and they got a way through the baby shower. The theme of the baby shower – cherry blossoms, was decided by Mrs. Morgan. It was only after her mother’s death that Sampson realized that cherry blossoms symbolize “fragility of life and that life is beautiful but it’s short.”

Image Credits:  Nikki Cee/NCeePhotography
Image Credits:
Nikki Cee/NCeePhotography

Kara’s life has had the influence of her grandmother, even if she could not meet her. This connection lead Sampson to plan for a something special. She wanted to pay tribute to her late mother through her bond with Kara and for that she roped in a professional photographer, Nikki Cee to do a photo shoot with the baby.

The most heartwarming photo from the photo shoot, went viral on Facebook. The photograph shows the baby touching a framed photograph of Mrs. Morgan and Kara is also shown to be holding pearls that belonged to her grandmother. To give the photo shoot a special touch, Cee made Kara wear angel wings costume.

Nikki Cee has been conducting photo shoots of newborns in her Greenbelt Maryland studio for the past three years, but this particular photo shoot was a little high on emotions for her as well. Cee admitted that it was hard for her to take that picture and not cry because of the emotions that ran deep in that moment.

Sampson was amazed to see the photograph and just loved the way Cee portrayed the relationship between her daughter and her late mother. According to Sampson, when people work within their gift, they make a difference, just like Nikki, who did this wonderful photo shoot and also like her mother, who was amazing with her school kids. She said, “My mother had extraordinary faith and that’s kind of what helped her fight cancer and how she approached life.”

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