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Finally, the day we all have been waiting for, for what seems like forever has arrived! It is the 1st of January, the year is 2021, and it is that year, which is coming right after the one that changed the face of our World. It is also the year that starts an all-new decade with its arrival. Although, the pressures on this year are tremendous to make us feel that life is still worth living and living happily at that, some things should realistically be discussed.

The New Year and Resolutions!

What we want to discuss here is the fate of new year’s resolutions and what might actually work instead of some of these so-called promises that we make at the beginning of every year, but rarely stick to them, fully!

The enthusiasm of the new year generally makes people take up resolutions, which in effect are mostly the things that they wanted from the previous year itself, but procrastination led them to postpone till the new year when they actually get a sense of newness. But, they forget that the habits that were in place earlier are present now as well, and the aura of the new year’s feeling will wear off pretty soon. I am not against resolutions in any way, and I would actually love to admire people who are able to stick to them, but till now, sadly I haven’t met anyone. And to be frank, have never been able to stick to them myself as well, so can’t even blame anyone.

Resolutions rarely worked for me, when till a few years ago, I used to try setting some and by February, all was forgotten. What worked for me instead was my decision to make strong intentions and then work for them with determination. So, the things that I have mentioned in the title of this article are- intention and determination.

These have more power…

The two words (intention and determination) don’t have that ring to them as with resolutions, but they tend to have more impact on how we do things and how we are able to accomplish our goals in general.

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By definition, an intention is ‘what you intend or plan to do; your aim.’ An intention is something that comes from deep within you, it is a part of your calling in life and you are driven to do it. Whereas a resolution is rooted in a decision that you made, which by definition should work, but that also depends on the basis on which that decision was made. If your resolution was made by looking at what all your friends were doing, then chances are that you might stick to them, till the time your friends are doing that thing with you. And let’s be honest, most of the resolutions taken at new year’s time, are made to prove something to either yourself or worse, to others.

I know that some people might not agree with me, and that is totally fine. We all have a right to different opinions; I can have mine and you can certainly have yours, and can even share with us. We welcome all sides of the story at Smile To Shine.

So, basically, I am here sharing what has worked for me, and that is the reason I say that intentions work amazingly. There is also a book, The Power Of Intention By Wayne Dyer and although I have not yet read it, I know what it talks about, and I totally believe in that concept. We all have a power inside us that helps us create the life we want, and if we walk with that power with belief, we can achieve anything. My point being, that if people have written books also on the power of intention, you can imagine what impact it might have.

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When we intend to do something, we give it our full attention; our mind, heart, and soul are all in this together and usually, we are able to complete the task. The way I started with this was, I used to make small statements on a daily basis on the routine things that I did. For example, I would say, ” I intend to have a good workout”, or ” I intend to finish reading 20 pages of a book.” This was done for most of the things I did, and when those intentions kept turning into tasks that were completed, that built my belief in the power of an intention. Now, in my mind and heart, I know, that if I say, ” I intend…” that is something which has the highest likelihood of happening, and then my mind actually worked with me to make that thing happen. This is all like the Law of Attraction, and that’s what makes it even more powerful, at least much more powerful than a resolution, which I know might not work, because everyone keeps saying that they don’t work and also personal experience!

Next up, coming to determination; I guess there is no need to tell how strongly motivational this concept is, we can tell that just by looking at the word. This word kind of automatically makes us want to keep doing or at least keep trying to do the thing, even in the face of all struggles. When we persevere, we become unstoppable and that is exactly what determination can make you do. It can make you focus, it can make you have patience, it can make you keep going on the path towards success.

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Making a strong intention from your heart, and then working with full determination towards that goal, is actually what resolutions should be; but the popular usage of the new year’s resolutions and countless stories of how most people are unable to keep up with them makes for a weak case in favor of resolutions. And if we take into consideration the power of an intention that gets amplified by the very nature of determination, then we are in a better situation to actually accomplish our goals. If we look closely, the impact of the three words in the discussion here is not about their technical definitions, but more about how they have been put into our minds. I cannot say for everyone, but for me, I can say that intention and determination tend to have a better effect in making me do the things that I really want to do, rather than of course, the mention of a resolution.

In the end, I would still say that please stick to what works for you, even if they are the resolutions. I was only attempting to put my thoughts here, especially for the multitude of people who are unable to keep up with their resolutions and then feel bad about it. Thought of giving my two cents to help people find alternatives, on which they can try working, or at least start researching because we all deserve to get the best and make the best with our life.

Image Credits: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I wanted the start of this new day, month, year, and the entire decade to have a positive start for you all. For those of you who are great with resolutions, trust me, I am super happy for you and wish you all the best for everything. And for those who are not so good with them, I have hopefully given something to you as well. No hard feelings on either side of the debate!

Wishing you all…

Image Credits: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Featured Image Credits: Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

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